October 6, 2022

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Heat record broken in Mallorca: 41.9 degrees during the day – 32 degrees at night | news

41.9 degrees during the day – 32 degrees at night |

Heat record broken in Mallorca

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Summer, beach, sun – and a lot of late… Mallorca cooks in record temperatures!

A heat wave has plagued Mallorca for several days, and it reached its peak last weekend: the thermometer at the University of the Balearic Islands (UIB) in Palma reached 41.9 degrees on Saturday. No other day this year has been so hot!

The last recorded temperature was 40.4 degrees in Manduri municipality on July 25.

Apart from the unbearable heat, hot winds also hit the islanders and tourists, including on the beaches: “It’s not really cold, because even the water has now reached a temperature of over 30 degrees,” says Dominik Jung, a qualified meteorologist from Veter. IMAGE for .net.

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The long-awaited cooldown didn’t happen overnight either: Sunday night was the warmest of the summer so far. 32 degrees at night in Palma and Banyalbufer!

Mallorca’s neighboring island also had a new heat record: 44.5 degrees was recorded on Saturday in Formentera, according to the Spanish weather service “Amet”. By far the best value in the Balearic Islands! The previous leader was 44.2 degrees on July 3, 1994 in Muro, Mallorca.

The Germans’ favorite island will have at least a little respite in the coming week: temperatures will drop to 34 degrees on Monday and 31 degrees on Tuesday. But the cold is different.

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