December 9, 2022

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Heat wave in Germany and Europe: 39.5 degrees in Duisburg – Germany’s hottest day of the year – Community

More than 50 people have been arrested for arson in Portugal

Devastating forest fires have been raging in holiday destination Portugal for the past few days and weeks, according to the government. Also due to negligence and willful arson. More than 50 people were arrested on suspicion of causing a forest fire in mid-July this year.Interior Minister Jose Luis Carneiro told a parliamentary hearing on Tuesday. This is more than 20 arrests more than the same period last year, he stressed.

According to the knowledge of the authorities in Portugal Only 23 percent of all fires are purely natural causeshe said. 60 percent are caused by careless use of fire, such as grilling and smoking or lighting campfires. According to Carneiro, 13 percent set fires intentionally. The minister explained that the remaining 4 percent would be due to the use of agricultural machinery. Portugal is doing everything to make society aware of the dangers and take preventive measures.

According to ICNF, the nature conservation commission, fires have already destroyed Portugal in a good six-and-a-half months this year Almost 60 000 ha. This is more than double the previous year (28 415 ha). This year, the outbreak and spread of wildfires will be accompanied by months of drought. Especially favored by periods of intense heat and recent strong winds, Civil Defense said. In different parts of Portugal, six large forest fires were intense on Tuesday evening, which were fought by a total of more than 900 emergency services, state television broadcaster RTP reported. (dpa)

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