January 31, 2023

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Heidi Klum flaunts her toned butt in a skintight swimsuit in an IG photo

  • Heidi Klum She donned a tight red swimsuit for a New Year’s Eve dip in the hot tub, and showed off how puffy she is in some photos.
  • It looks like her husband, too, was all about her sculpted butt in the suit, based on the photo Heidi posted to Instagram.
  • Heidi loves to dance and leads a very active lifestyle.

Heidi Klum Ren is in the year 2023 in a very snowy area, and she has all kinds of amazing Instagram posts to show off her journey. In true Heidi style, the supermodel decided to kick off her new year in the coolest one-piece bathing suit with her husband by her side.

In a cute Instagram post, Heidi She shared a photo of herself and husband Tom Kaulitz kissing in a hot tub while wearing oversized gold hats. Heidi She shows off her toned legs and a strong booty in a tight red one-piece, while Tom places his hand on her butt as they kiss.

“Yes 🥰🚀❤️ 2023,” she Written in the caption.

He is also 49 years old Share Boomerang From the same bathing suit from the front, while doing some flashing in the hot tub with Tom and a friend:

Heidi It looks like she’s still on vacation (fair), because she is just dropped two More photos of herself and Tom chilling in the same hot tub, along with a hilarious video of her dancing to “Naughty Girl” while using a filter for her Halloween worm costume.

Heidi She’s starting 2023 looking pretty strong, and if you’re wondering how she’s going to make it happen, you’re not alone. Unfortunately, Heidi She hasn’t shared much about her fitness routine lately, but it’s clear that she’s very active in her daily life.

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Heidi has dropped a ton of Pictures and videos From snowboarding for the past few days – a serious sport – to burning butt and thigh.

At Christmas, it is Share a photo About the same, Tom and their friend Bill are out for a walk with three huge dogs:

And Heidi is great too dance. She was a total hype beast during her dance practice for her music video to her song with Snoop Dogg, “Hay Tea with Heidi,” even hopping around before the dance started. certificate:

But Heidi works out in the gym, too. I told People that you like to wear ankle weights On a treadmill, she does butt lifts to target her inner thighs. “It’s always a good idea to keep the muscles under work so they’re nice and toned,” she said. “Good toned.”

Heidi also eats well. she said earlier Women’s Health UK Her breakfast usually includes an egg white omelette With green peppers, green onions, spinach and parsley, with some fresh fruits and a cup of tea on the side. For lunch, you’ll get protein like chicken, turkey, or tuna along with vegetables and grains.

Naturally, Heidi makes time for the fun stuff, too. she Recently shared photos From a meal she had at Disney World, which included some sort of delicious creamy soup in a bread bowl, along with a picture of herself and Tom eating kuru. Mmmmmm.

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Go Heidi go!