‘Megaquake’ Alert: High Intensity Earthquakes Rock Pacific Ring of Fire

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The Pacific Ring of Fire has been hit by a series of strong earthquakes, with Venezuela being stuck by a major 7.3 magnitude earthquake on Tuesday. Therefore, after a series of quakes people fear that a so called ’megaquake’ will come and destroy everything.

The major reason for the fear’s escalation is the past 144 earthquakes, which have shocked people in the past seven days. Around 70 earthquakes of which are said to have hit the Ring of Fire, which is a horseshoe shaped area of volcanic arcs, volcanic belts and tectonic belts.

The belt stretches along a 25,000-mile arc beginning from South America to Australia via the western United States and East Asia. The area is morbid to frequent earthquakes as tectonic plates keep pushing against each other, giving rise to continuous quakes in the region.

Impact of the latest earthquakes

The shocks felt were so immense that the tremors were felt 300 km away in Oistins, a resort near Barbados’s capital in the Caribbean island of Trinidad and Tobago and Grenada.

No causalities were recorded during the incident by Venezuelan authorities and the possible reason for no destruction, despite huge intensity was that it started some 76.5 miles below the surface. Social media was pretty responsive as usual, and people posted videos showing how residents screamed as the calamity rocked buildings and streets.

Following the incident, Vanuatu, which is the Western Pacific, was hit by a staggering magnitude of 6.7 on Richter scale. According to Reuters, the officials of the Vanuatu’s National Disaster Management office in Port Vila, said “We felt small shaking for 15 or 30 seconds but we’re all good here”.

Thirdly the quake was felt by, Oregon and its magnitude was 6.3, the shock waves then again hit Venezuela, this time with a magnitude of 5.9, creating panic that a ‘megaquake’ will soon come and destroy everything. The fear is real and if there is a ‘megaquake’ as expected by people, the level of calamity might just be beyond description.

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