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Hillary Clinton indirectly hits Trump at pre- conference speech

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Hillary Clinton is to mark the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by delivering a keynote address at conference organized at at the Bonavero Institute of Human Rights at the University of Oxford.

The conference is entitled “Confronting Illiberalism: The Role Of The Media, Civil Society And Universities”. As the name suggests the conference is unlike usual academic conference is also a strategic platform for the former US first lady, who lost the race for the White House to Donald Trump in 2016.

Just before the event, Hillary Clinton took an indirect yet powerful turn towards democracy in America and how it had been affected by the current political culture mobilized by foreign entities.

Mrs Clinton said democracy is “under siege” and that she cannot understand why people are “so reluctant to call out what the Russians have been doing”. Mrs. Clinton, who have also been US secretary of state addressed audience at Monday evening, “As we learn more about the role that (Vladimir) Putin, oligarchs around him, the Russian government particularly, the intelligence forces have played, we see that it’s not just what they did in our election in the United States.They have been actively supporting right wing political parties and politicians.”

She also raised concerns about the silence that has enveloped political and strategic establishments. She expressed her dissatisfaction with the contemporary political culture that has deeply affected the diplomatic relations of America.

She stated “I don’t understand why the press, the political establishment and the public are so reluctant to call out what the Russians have been doing.What they did in Brexit, what they did in the United States.”

Her speech not just limited to intrusion of foreign countries in disruption of liberal political culture of America but also extended to the means that have been used strategically to launch disinformation among Americans.

Mrs. Clinton stated that if we go by by wrongdoings “the list is really long now”. The use of “internet has given them a great advantage because they are able to sow discontent, divisiveness and false information incredibly easily.”

She further added that “It’s only going to get worse, and this is something that I think everybody needs to pay attention to.The technology has advanced so much that it’s not only the false stories that the phony news services are now directing at your Facebook feed, it will be taking the words you say out of many different contexts and putting it together to say something you never said.”

Further, Baroness Helena Kennedy QC, former principal of Mansfield College, joined Mrs Hillary Clinton in a detailed discussion on how women have made considerable contribution in promoting and protecting human rights which later was concluded with unveiling statue of  America’s war time first lady Eleanor Roosevelt outside the Mansfield College.

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