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Hillary Clinton Visits an Italian Exhibition Displaying her Emails

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Hillary Clinton, former secretary of State, spent her Tuesday at an art exhibition in Italy, which displays her emails. The 2016 Democratic presidential nominee sat at a replica of the Oval Office Resolute Desk for an hour, and perused through the hard copies of the mails, which have long been a topic of discussion in the political sphere.

The art exhibit in Venice, titled “HILLARY: The Hillary Clinton Emails”, makes over 60,000 the controversial documents public “for the first time in printed format”, according to the description from exhibit co-organizer Zuecca Projects.

Clinton’s 2016 elections campaign was dwarfed by the conjectures that came following an FBI investigation into her use of private email server while leading the State Department. According to WikiLeaks, the emails “were sent from the domain clintonemail.com between 2009 and 2013”.

Artist Kenneth Goldsmith tweeted, “Hillary Clinton spent an hour yesterday reading her emails at my exhibition of all 62,000 pages of them in Venice.” In a statement, the curators said that the former first lady was “guided on a closed-door visit” of the exhibition.

“I think the scene was so extraordinary that many customers believed that she was just a lookalike at first,” the show’s curator, Francesco Urbano Ragazzi, told the Huffington Post.

It was reported that Hillary Clinton was already in Italy to attend an economic forum.

She shared her experience of the exhibit and said, “It was and is still one of the strangest, most absurd events in American political history.”

“And anyone can go in and look at them — there’s nothing there,” she said. “It’s an artistic way of making the same point that I made in the book I wrote, ‘What Happened,’ and that is, there was nothing wrong, there was nothing that should have been so controversial.”

The then-candidate of 2016 White House race, Donald Trump stressed on the long brewing controversy on Clinton’s use of private email server. Besides, chants of “lock her up” would often break out at his campaign rallies.

Following the investigation that stated the FBI stood by its original findings of July 2016, former FBI Director James Comey penned a letter to lawmakers that Clinton should not be prosecuted for handling of classified information over email during her tenure as secretary of State. Since then, the controversy was used against Hillary Clinton during the campaign of last previous elections.

The pile of papers at the exhibition depicting the matter have been described as “rather unimpressive, rebutting Trump’s efforts to make them monumental”.

The curatorial team said it’s “a way to allude to an alternative world that will never exist. We are happy that the real Hillary Clinton has been part of this image full of possibilities”.

“The exhibition is indeed the portrait of a powerful woman, but also the portrait of a historical change in our understanding of notions such as transparency, propaganda, public and private space,” they also said.

The exhibit opened in May at the Despar Teatro Italia, and will last until November.

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