September 29, 2021

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Holidays in Greece despite the corona – travelers should know it now

Greece has been upgraded to a corona risk area. Is it still possible to vacation there? An overview of current corona rules, events and infection status.

Athens – Greek islands Crete, Kos, Rhodes and Mykonos are popular destinations for Germans, but the mainland of Greece attracts millions of tourists each year. Is a holiday in Greece possible during corona epidemics?

Corona numbers are currently on the rise again in Greece. Since Sunday (July 18, 2021) the country has once again been at high risk. So strict rules apply to travelers. Despite the epidemic, Greeks are one of the top 10 holiday destinations for Germans, an ADAC analysis shows. We explain what to consider when vacationing in Greece.

Vacation in Greece despite Corona: Number of current events and cases

The current corona situation in Greece is deteriorating. Nearly half a million people in Greece have been affected since the outbreak began. The 7-day event is currently at 178.5
Epidemics per 100,000 people (as of July 26, 2021) and more than the event value in Germany. A total of 12,874 deaths and more than 475,919 infections with SARS-Cowie-2 have been reported (as of July 26, 2021). The reason for the increase is the delta variation.

The island of Santorini in Greece is a popular holiday destination. White houses are the centerpiece of the well-known postcard.

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The Greek government is considering new measures to control the epidemic. In addition, the vaccine campaign is yet to be strongly promoted. Currently, more than 53 percent of Greeks have received at least one corona vaccine, and more than 46 percent are fully vaccinated (until July 26, 2021). Children from the age of 12 can now be vaccinated, previously it was possible to vaccinate from the age of 16.

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Vacation in Greece despite the Corona: What travelers should consider when entering the country

Entering Greece is possible without any problems for people from Germany and other EU countries. According to the Greek government There is no need for isolation. However, travelers must register online at least 24 hours before departure for their vacation Entry Form To complete. It should include name and address and place of residence in Greece and flight number if applicable. If the form is filled in correctly, a QR code will be generated. It must be provided upon entry.

A negative corona test should also be given upon entry. PCR tests should not exceed 72 hours and antigen tests should not exceed 48 hours. Tests must be carried out by an accredited laboratory in the country of departure and must contain the full name of the person traveling. According to the ADAC, the test certificate can also be written in German. The obligation to provide evidence of a negative test does not apply if the user is able to prove that he or she has been fully vaccinated or recovered.

Vacations in Greece: What documents must be provided upon entry?

The yellow international vaccination card or digital vaccination card is accepted as proof of a complete vaccine. Must be at least 14 days prior to vaccination. Survivors need official proof that they have survived the corona infection. Proof can be provided up to 30 days after the first positive corona test and is valid for a maximum of 180 days. There is no mandatory test for children under 12 years of age.

  • Entering Greece
  • Entry Form (fill out at least 24 hours before departure) and one of the following documents:
  • Negative corona test (PCR test not exceeding 72 hours, antigen test not exceeding 48 hours)
  • Evidence for complete corona vaccination (vaccination should be 14 days prior)
  • Recovery vaccine (should be 30 to a maximum of 180 days before infection)
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Vacation despite Corona: Enters Greece by car

Entry into Greece is possible by air, sea or land. As stated in it Foreign Office Possibility of entry at the following crossings:

  • Via Bulgaria (border smuggling Exochi, Nymphaea / Nymphia, Armenio and Promachonas)
  • Via northern Macedonia (across the border from Evsoni and Niki)
  • Via Albania (Kagavia, Crystallopia and Mavromati * border crossing)
  • Via Turkey (Kastania and Kiboi border crossing)
  • * The total number of entries in the Mavromati Border Sea is limited to 250 people daily, which is only possible from 8am to 4pm and only by negative test.

Vacation during epidemics – Popular countries on the corona check

Holidays in the corona epidemic – these rules apply in Greece

Vacations in Greece are generally possible, with many hotels receiving guests and many exhibitions and museums open, the ADAC said. However, in Greece, there are still some corona rules and health rules that travelers must follow. The Greek government Has now extended the applicability measures until July 26; Regions are also divided into danger zones due to the corona situation.

  • Restaurants, bars and cafes are allowed to serve guests, and only the outdoor area is open for hospitality. A table can seat a maximum of six people. Only vaccinated people are allowed to stay indoors.
  • Closed rooms require a mask, which includes supermarkets, all retail stores, public transport, taxis, elevators, medical procedures, hospitals, bank branches and offices with customer transport.
  • The mask is suitable for weekly markets and busy outdoor areas.
  • Tourist accommodation (camps, youth hostels and holiday resorts) and hotels are allowed to open. Special hygiene regulations with sanitary, distance and occupation controls apply to hotels and other accommodation.
  • Distance rules must be observed everywhere.
  • When using boats, a self-declaration must be completed.
  • To travel by plane or boat to the islands, you must provide a negative corona test, vaccine or proof of recovery. The same rules apply to entry. In addition, passengers must have one Health notice To complete.
  • Violation of corona measures carries a fine of 300 euros.
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Holiday return trip to Greece: What are the rules when entering Germany?

There are also some things that travelers should keep in mind when returning to Germany. As Greece is classified as a risk area, the Federal Foreign Office advises against travel. However, there is currently no travel warning. Before returning from vacation, the negative corona test must be given again. Vaccinated, active and 6-year-old children do not need evidence. These rules apply to anyone entering Germany from abroad.

Since Greece is classified as a risk area, a Digital travel registration Fill. After completing the form, passengers will receive confirmation to be displayed at the airport or at the border when crossing the border. (Sne)

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