December 10, 2022

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Holidays in Italy from mid-May: The government heats up tourism projects

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Italy wants to open its doors to tourists sooner than expected. From mid-May, tourism should now be possible through the “Green Pass”.

Like many European countries, Italy is eagerly awaiting the opening of the holidays. Tourism did not make up a small portion of economic output – before the epidemic, in 2019, it accounted for 13 percent. With months of locking up and caution, the Italian government now wants to take the first step and make it easier for vaccinated tourists to enter – than initially thought. It was announced by Prime Minister Mario Draghi after a virtual G20 meeting of tourism ministers on Tuesday afternoon (May 4). Open Italy to tourists from May 15 with the help of the National “Green Passport” desire.

Holidays 2021: Italy takes the next step to open

“It’s time to book a vacation in Italy,” Tracy said after the G20 meeting of tourism ministers. To help with this, Italy takes the lead Own “Green Boss” The period should be reduced until the EU vaccine pass is introduced. It is expected to launch in mid-June. Italy wants to do the same with its rivals Spain Greece Catch people who have already introduced similar rules and who are already re-admitting tourists. “We need to provide clear, simple rules so that tourists can come to us safely,” the PM’s plan said. Bernab Boca, president of the National Hoteliers Association, also said: “Thanks to May 15, we can finally begin planning the season. Foreign guests are essential to our operations. “

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“Green Pass” offers these benefits to tourists

This certificate is to be used by foreign tourists Travel between twenty parts of Italy Can. This has not been possible in the past few months because the Italian corona has divided traffic light areas into yellow, orange or red zones. Depending on the color, different, sometimes stricter restrictions apply to travel. In Italy you can currently only move freely between the yellow areas. The police authority may prohibit foreign tourists from entering Italy if the specific end destination is in a region other than the point of entry.

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Holidays in Italy: Who gets a “green passport”?

To get the national “green pass”, travelers to Italy must be Whole corona vaccine To prove Covit 19 recovered from the disease His or something Negative test It does not last more than 48 hours. According to the plans, children under the age of two do not need proof. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. So far there is only one “Green Pass” for those coming on local vacation. (fk)

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