January 28, 2023

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Honduras: 600-strong lynch mob kills Italians – News Abroad

In a bloodbath, a lynch mob killed an Italian man on Thursday in Honduras. As many as 600 people were involved, according to various media reports.

The bomber struck shortly after noon in the village of Santa Ana de Usquare in southern Central America.

Victim of the Lynch gang: Giorgio Scanu of ItalyPhoto: Personal

Reason for insanity: Residents accuse Giorgio Scanu of killing homeless Juan de Dios Flores († 74) because he allegedly cut down a tree on Italian property.

The enraged mob tortured Giorgio Scanu with stones and sticks until he died. The Lynch mob then set fire to the victim’s home and car.

The victim's car was completely burned

The victim’s car was completely burnedPhoto: STRINGER / REUTERS

Five suspects between the ages of 19 and 55 were arrested. At the time of the crime, some patrol officers were also present. However, they could do nothing against the great power of 600 people.

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