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Hopefuls Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg Lead Iowa Caucus Race

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Iowa caucus results of the 2020 presidential primary elections have sidelined the hopes of many Democratic candidates. Amongst the 12 Democratic hopefuls seeking to win the primaries, only five candidates managed to get the delegates and share of votes.

The Iowa caucus voting is a strong indicator of how a presidential candidate will do in the later contests. However, the technical difficulties and inconsistencies, since Monday, have plagued the Iowa Democratic Party (IDP) and delayed the results of the caucuses, casting the final vote result into chaos and uncertainty. 

As per the nearing 100 percent voting report, Democratic hopefuls Bernie Sanders and Former South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg are leading the Iowa caucus results for the first position, with the analysts believing that they might end up in a tie. As of now, Buttigieg is leading by a narrow margin with 26.2 percent votes among Iowa State Delegate Equivalents, while Sanders is just 0.1 percent behind him.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden are at the third and fourth positions in Iowa caucus results with 18 and 15.8 percent votes respectively. Sen. Amy Klobuchar rounds out the top five with 12.3 percent. 

Considering Biden’s popularity in the campaigning, his weak Iowa finish shocked his supporters, who are comparing the situation with the 2008 incident, where Biden was placed fifth in the Iowa caucuses national polls of the Democratic candidates. During that time, Biden received slightly less than one percent of the state delegates’ support and later decided to quit the presidential bid. His poor performance has brought in the speculations that history could once again be repeated.

Meanwhile, supporters of both Buttigieg and Sanders have been claiming their leaders’ win. Upon observing his lead in the Iowa caucus results, Buttigieg in a press conference commented, “fantastic news to hear that we won”.

“I want to say that Senator Sanders had a great night too, and I want to congratulate him and his supporters,” the former mayor added. On the other hand, Sanders’ campaign also declared victory during a press conference in Manchester on Thursday evening. 

The results came hours after the Democratic National Committee’s (DNC) Chairman Tom Perez called for a recanvassing of votes in Iowa caucus due to the worries about inconsistencies and errors in the tally. As there is no information on whether the inconsistencies are intentional or not, the Democratic Party is taking additional time to comment on the validity of the information representing the leaders. There are also chances that the process of recanvassing, if initiated, could turn the results upside down.

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