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House Investigates US’ Alleged Nuclear Transfer to Saudi

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The United States of America is reportedly rushing in to support another bid of Saudi Arabia by ‘promoting’ the transfer of sensitive nuclear technology, a new congressional report has alleged.

President Donald Trump and his close aides have reportedly impelled to build nuclear power plants all across the Kingdom, despite ardent protests against the move. White House lawyers have also questioned the move, citing lack of legal process before the government reaches upon any real conclusion.

The report highlights how the influential White House figures, including Trump’s first national security advisor Michael T. Flynn, worked with IP3 International, a union of ex-military officers and security officials, to subvert the policy-making process. The plan, which the lawmakers say, if implemented would bar the nuclear proliferation.

Though Flynn left White House after the FBI probe stated that he communicated with Russia, but the plans promoting nuclear export did not stop even after his departure from the House.

The first round of discussion took place during the early months of Trump administration, according to the 24-page report from the House Oversight and Reform Committee. However, the Democrats on Tuesday said that they traced the evidence as recently as last week, and thus have launched a full-scale inquiry.

“Further investigation is needed to determine whether the actions being pursued by the Trump administration are in the national security interest of the United States or, rather, serve those who stand to gain financially as a result of this potential change in U.S. foreign policy,” committee staff wrote in the report.

President Trump met nuclear power developers at the White House on February 12 to discuss building nuclear power plants in the Middle Eastern nations, including its close ally Saudi Arabia. Besides, if the report is true, the move would not only give Saudi Arabia immense power, but would also destabilize peace prospect in the Arab region.

Over and above that is the Saudi interest in nuclear power, which it says is potent to their aim of diversifying the energy sector.

Trump administration’s relationship with Saudi Arabia is already under scrutiny and is appraised by federal investigators, this includes Robert Mueller, and even Adam Schiff, who is looking into both the personal and professional ties of the President.

According to whistleblowers, there are direct proofs of Trump officials working with IP3 International. This includes the draft memos which were required by the President for the nuclear export plan to be given to Flynn, just days after he became the President’s advisor.

On the other hand, as per the Democrats’ report, Flynn’s deputy for the Middle East and North African affairs, Derek Harvey also met with the IP3’s co-founders at the White House. During his meet, he further ensured that the National Security Council’s staff includes information about the nuclear power plants, which the President would share with the Saudi King Salman.

In March of 2017, after Harvey’s work to promote nuclear export was challenged by State and Energy Department officials, he once again tried to rebuild the IP3 plan “so that Jared Kushner (White House adviser) can present it to the president for approval,” the Democratic report had further alleged.

The Democrats’ report comes at a time, when the run-up to the next year elections is catching pace. Moreover, with Trump’s approval ratings already slumped after the 35-day partial shutdown, the investigation could add ‘salt into the wounds’.

However, Kushner will still be touring the Middle East to discuss the peace plans of his administration. Therefore, if Saudi becomes in charge of transfer sensitive nuclear technology, the Middle East and especially Iran could be in for serious trouble.

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