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House Votes against Government Shutdown with 301-123

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In order to prevent a government shutdown at the end of the month and to ensure the government remains funded till November 21, the House of Representatives have passed a bill 301-123. The bill will now appear at the Senate next week where Majority Leader Mitch McConnell will approve the temporary bill.

The entry of the bill in the Senate means the House will not only witness an intense debate over the Border-wall funding but also on the possible limitations over the Department of Homeland Security restrictions over the behavior towards the migrants.

Following the voting, the lawmakers have time until Thanksgiving break to debate upon and authorize the spending bill of $1.4 trillion of federal agencies. The voting also gave rise to the probable chances of the government shutdown at the end of the year that can extend due to the Holiday season.

House Appropriations Chairwoman Nita Lowey, prior to the voting said, “This legislation avoids controversial policy provisions that have slowed down the appropriations process, and that, if included, would jeopardize passage.”

“For example, it does not include an anomaly requested by the Trump administration to allow wall building outside the Rio Grande valley. At the same time, the CR contains provisions that reflect shared priorities, including allowing the Census Bureau to ramp up preparations for the 2020 census.”

The lawmakers had intended to complete the negotiations earlier this week, but issues like Trump distributing billions of dollars to farmers to prevent them from declaring bankruptcy to counter the adverse effects of trade war with China rose.

With the bill to prevent government shutdown approved, the lawmakers are positive that the shutdown can be averted. Although the tensions between the Democrats and GOP members continue as they work on the appropriations process with the impending end of fiscal year on September 30.

While the House of Representatives is done with the appropriations bills, the GOP-led House of Senate has just started to work upon the same.

Earlier on Wednesday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi claimed that she is not worried of the appropriations process in the Senate House. She said, “They know their timetable. They know what they have to do. Hopefully, they’ll get moving so that we can have this all done in a predictable and well-organized way.”

Prior to introducing the government shutdown bill, Appropriations Committee Chairman at the House of Senates and Alabama Sen. Richard Shelby claimed that Democrats are playing “partisan politics”.

The statement came in light of claims by Democrats stating that GOP members paid little to no attention as Republicans prioritized Trump’s calls for border-wall funding over major domestic programs and military funding.

While the government shutdown is certainly a waste to taxpayer’s money, it will also delay the prime bills and funding to bolster the current economy. It’s only a matter of time before the GOP and Democrats reach a common point as they know a shutdown like previous one – will prove beneficial to neither of the party, especially with nearing 2020 elections.

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