December 10, 2022

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How to beat Armin Lashed Scholes and Barbach: No more cackling

Good morning, dear reader,

You are now waiting a long time to return to the day break on the weekends. Here we go again: this time, with my colleague Moritz Bailey, I analyze the most important topics of the week, which are tough. Please ask:

This weekend is also politically exciting as the previously sluggish federal election campaign is finally approaching its two main points. This Saturday evening, CSU boss Marcus Soder and Green strategist Robert Habek will discuss ideas for Germany’s future on D-Online, “Spiegel” and “Wise”.. On Sunday evening, the presidential candidates of the Union, SPD and Greens meet at the RDL. What impression they make will affect the struggle against the Chancellor.

Because in election campaigns, politicians become personalities. They are no longer ordinary human beings with strengths and weaknesses, but faces in posters, leaders in speech shows, characters in short internet videos. They are the topics of conversation in front of the TV, in the office corridor and on the chatterbox on Twitter. In this condition, an image develops very quickly and then it cannot be changed. This film can determine the outcome of the election.

The picture that has been sticking in Armin’s lashes for a few weeks is Halotris’ picture. The shivering boy in the middle of the flood debris. The old white man who makes it clear with a tight expression that he does not want to change his climate policy due to heavy rain. Stumbling sediment next to technology guru Elon Musk. The main thing is that he is a man who is not trusted by many citizens to lead Germany safely through all the crises of our time such as the corona, climate, extinction of species, digital recession, threat of prosperity, uncontrolled migration, social division.

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This is a devastating verdict, and it is noteworthy how many people have reached that verdict in just a few weeks. These days you hear not only in circles of politicians and journalists, but also from entrepreneurs, on the street, in restaurants, on office sidewalks, on the railroad tracks. Can not

If you look at the growth of this damage to the image, you learn more about the cycles of excitement in the media than the person and politician Armin Lachet. Armin Lasheet A person can be engaging, loving and humorous. Politician Armin Laschett has a clear idea of ​​how he wants to maintain German prosperity by strengthening the economy, reducing bureaucracy and promoting climate-friendly technologies. Like politician Armin Lashett in Rhineland, it has the potential to bring different people and interests and change differences: talking to each other and looking for common ground is always better than shouting at each other no matter how stupid the other is.

It is the style of Armin Lachet, with whom he rules the largest state of northern Rhine-Westphalia Successfully. Nevertheless, his candidacy for president is on the verge of failure, and he has something to do with it. Communication To do so often he appears unprepared for appointments and stumbles into situations that make him look bad. His spontaneous disguise sometimes becomes naive. He underestimates the mechanisms of “social networks”. He hires public relations staff who don’t put their boss down to make stupid mistakes. Moreover, arrangements between his staff at D கட்சிsseldorf and his party headquarters in Berlin did not run smoothly. All this and a little more gave a picture to Mr. Lashett, who would have great problems in winning the ballot box election for the Union and becoming president. An exclusive study problem with D-Online documents: According to many voters, Armin Lashet can only relate badly to political content.

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But he still sees an opportunity to polish his look with millions of people: On Sunday evening he met his rivals, Olaf Souls of the SPD and Annalena Barbach of the Greens. “Drill” Will be staged. Armin Laschett firmly believes: this is an opportunity to come back in favor of the electorate, and he wants to use it. His main enemy is not now the stumbling Mrs. Barbach – but Mr. who acts as the legitimate successor to the Stoic Chancellor. He will try to discredit “SPD Merkel”.

Attack surfaces include: Lashet can accuse Shawles of being an insecure condonist because he could form an alliance with the Left Party and form a red-green-red alliance. It would be unpredictable in terms of German foreign policy – but the drama in Kabul shows that, if in doubt, the Bundeswehr and its EU partners could intervene militarily without the Americans to free German citizens from the emergency. So far she has not been able to do this. It could not reliably defend its own troops in Mali because the SPD did not want to provide any drones to it, except for the armed ones. But the federal republic dwarfs its foreign policy with caution: this may be one of Armin Lashett’s arguments.

In addition, Mr. Lachet could argue that the SPD with its tax increase plans could stem the economic boom immediately after the Corona crisis. And he can blame both the SPD and the Greens for underestimating the relevance of climate protection for decades. Instead, the environmental movement has fought against nuclear power plants for 25 years. Former Red-Green State Government of Northern Rhine-Westphalia under Hannalur Craft Unable to leave the coal – This was first determined by the Cabinet of Armin Lachet. To date, it is difficult to say exactly where all the energy that Greens and SPD will need for Germany in the coming years will come from. Expansion of wind power, solar systems and hydrogen technologies will take time – so if you want to get out of both nuclear and coal faster than you have already determined, you will inevitably have to buy more climate-friendly natural gas from Russia. Also buy more dirty coal from Poland, South Africa and Canada. A self-deception.

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From the Chancellor’s perspective for the CDU and CSU candidate, it would not be so difficult to point out weaknesses in the SPD and Greens ’plans. Armin Lashet will probably try, and if he had produced his performance on Sunday evening he could have turned the tide even more. Other than that, it would be nice if enough journalists were more interested in the content than the discussion pictures for a change, and don’t elevate every Twitter cake as breaking news. This discussion may actually bring some insight – whoever cuts the best figure. For my part, I look forward to it.

I wish you a good weekend. I suggest you be lively in it This song is from one of my favorite albums. If you want to recommend Dawn to others, you can Use this link.



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