February 4, 2023

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How to Find Spotify Wrapped 2022 - Billboard

How to Find Spotify Wrapped 2022 – Billboard

This is the season Spotify Wrapped, aka Day of the Year as you discover your music listening habits for 2022.

On Wednesday (November 30), the streaming service unveiled its annual colorful Instagrammable bundle that counts all of your personal data to provide a personalized accounting of your top artists, songs, and playlists from the past year.

While Spotify wrapped Available to anyone with an account, sometimes it can be hard to find. do not worry , paintingI got your back. As with last year, the 2022 Spotify Wrapped is only accessible on the Spotify mobile app. So if you go to Spotify.com/wrapped As usual, you will be directed to download the app.

Once you’re logged in on mobile, your personal 2022 outlook should appear right on the home screen with the message “Your 2022 Profile Here” below your six most recent listeners. This year’s edition also chronicles how users’ listening habits have changed throughout the day, breaking down the type of music you stream throughout the morning, noon, and night via the Day of Audio feature.

The latest wrinkle to wrap is the Music Personality feature, a sort of Myers-Briggs-style personality test that uses four-letter codes that detail how you listen to music while assigning you one of 16 categories, including “specialist,” “replay,” early adopter”, “Voyager”, “Adventurer” or “Fan”, with each character getting their own colorful card perfect for sharing on social networks. Spotify also includes messages from artists including Billie Eilish and Taylor Swift, thanking fans for listening to their music enough to get it on the Wrapped mix.

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In addition to the annual rundown, this year’s Wrapped includes the creator experience for podcast creators and artists. And the Artist wrappedNow in its sixth year, it rolls out with many new features including “Messages for Your Artist”, a personalized, wraparound video feed, personalized for each listener; and a “spotlight” on merchandise and ticketing which, for the first time, sees personalized shows integrated into the Wrapped Hub and promoted to top fans via in-app notifications and other channels.

Click on the icon and you will be guided through a fun journey to revisit all of your favorite music that recorded your 2022 soundtrack.