September 24, 2022

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“I am ready for talks”: Selensky warns of World War III

“I am ready for talks”
Selenskyj warns of a third world war

Ukrainian President Zhelensky says Ukraine’s opposition to the Russian military has demonstrated “the dignity of our people.” However, dignity does not save lives. Zelenskyj has relied on the talks – and hopes that Putin will not believe what he says about Ukraine.

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zhelensky has expressed interest in holding talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin. At the same time, he warned that war would intensify if negotiations failed. “I am ready to negotiate with him.” American broadcaster CNN Selenskiz said. “I have been ready for this for two years. I hope this war cannot end without negotiation.”

If there is a one percent chance of ending the war, it must be captured. “Russian troops came to destroy us, to kill us,” Zhelensky said. Through their resistance, Ukraine proved the “dignity of our people and our military” and showed that they could fight back. But unfortunately, our dignity does not save lives. That’s why I think every form and every opportunity should be used to negotiate with Putin, but if these attempts fail, it means World War III. “

Zhelensky said Putin’s accusation that “neo-Nazis” were in power in Ukraine was “ridiculous.” Putin is in an “information bubble” and knows nothing about today’s Ukraine. Nevertheless, according to Zelenskyj, these threats are dangerous. If Putin really believes that Ukraine should be “destroyed,” he is capable of committing “the most horrific acts.” “If he believes that his aim is to conquer our territory and see signs of the existence of neo-Nazis in our country, many questions arise as to what other ability he has to achieve his goals and achieve his purpose.”

“If we had accepted NATO, there would be no war now.”

Zhelensky said Russia would not have occupied Ukraine if his country had been accepted by NATO. “If we were a NATO member, there would be no war.” That is why he now wants a security guarantee for his country.

He was grateful for the assistance provided by NATO since the beginning of the invasion. “If NATO members are willing to see us in the alliance, do it immediately, because people are dying every day (in Ukraine),” Zhelensky said. He accused NATO countries of being in the dark about the possibility of joining Ukraine. He asked the representatives of the member states directly whether Ukraine would be allowed in one year, in five years or never. “And the answer was very clear: you will not be a member of NATO, but the doors will remain open to the public.”

When asked if he was ready to comply with Russia’s demands to abandon Crimea and Donbass and abandon NATO membership forever, Zhelensky said there were compromises that an independent state could not make.

In a video released in the Telegram on Saturday, Zelenskyy said that meaningful peace talks were the only way for Russia to minimize the damage of its own mistakes. “It’s time for a meeting. It’s time for talks. It’s time for Ukraine to regain regional integrity and justice. Otherwise, Russia’s losses will be enormous and many generations will not be enough to recover.

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