May 20, 2022

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“I ended the Putin regime”: GC opposed to arms supply to Ukraine

“I have ended the Putin regime.”
Gysi is opposed to arms supplies to Ukraine

On the one hand, Gregor GC is harshly critical of the Kremlin. But the left-wing politician rejects arms supplies to Ukraine, which is being attacked by Russia. He refers to the victims of World War II. Germany should not arm one former Soviet republic against another.

At the end of a multi-day trip to Ukraine, left-wing foreign politician Gregor GC spoke out against German arms supplies to a country hit by Russia. “We caused 27 million deaths in the Soviet Union during World War II, mostly Russians,” GC said. “Ukrainians and other nationalities killed in second place.” According to Kisi, Germany should not take up arms against one former Soviet republic.

Of course, the 74-year-old said that Ukraine has the right to defend itself and import arms. It is not Germany’s job to decide how to end the war. If the Ukrainian government wants to compromise with the Kremlin, the federal government can not stop it. “I hope Russia and Ukraine will agree to a ceasefire soon.”

At the same time, Gysi criticized the Kremlin in clear terms: “I ended the Putin regime.” But he also stressed that Russia would be after current President Vladimir Putin. So it is wrong to burn all bridges.

According to his own reports, Gysi visited the Ukrainian capital Kyiv and the western Ukrainian city of Lviv during his trip. He was also in the Kiev suburb of Pucha when the bodies of hundreds of slain civilians were found a few weeks ago. “Such a peaceful visit to the media is not questionable, especially when you go to a war zone,” he said, noting the relatively short visits of other international politicians to Ukraine in recent days.

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