January 31, 2023

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‘Important and necessary’: Kim announces ‘mass production of nuclear weapons’

“Important and Necessary”
Kim announced “mass production of nuclear weapons”.

North Korea continues to provoke the South with new missile tests. Now ruler Kim Jong Un has stepped up his saber attack. The dictator threatens to drastically increase the number of nuclear weapons in Pyongyang.

North Korea’s ruler, Kim Jong Un, has announced a drastic increase in his country’s nuclear arsenal. “In a situation where South Korea has undoubtedly become a clear enemy, the mass production of tactical nuclear weapons is important and necessary,” South Korean news agency Yonhap quoted Kim from a speech carried by state media at a plenary session of the Central Committee. His ruling Workers’ Party in Pyongyang.

“It is necessary to increase the number of nuclear weapons exponentially,” Kim said. He called for the development of new ballistic ICBMs and the launch of a spy satellite soon.

According to the report, the multi-day plenary session ended on Saturday and was devoted to the political priorities of the leadership in Pyongyang in the new year. By the middle of the week, Kim had already announced the expansion of his country’s military influence and “new key goals for strengthening independent defense capabilities,” which should be implemented by 2023.

He gave no details at the time, leading observers in neighboring South Korea to assume he was referring to targets set at a party conference in early 2021. At the time, Kim outlined several plans to strengthen the armed forces and expand his nuclear arsenal, including “first strike capabilities” and “retaliatory capabilities.”

Conflicts on the Korean Peninsula have become remarkably explosive in recent months. Not only has North Korea launched ballistic missiles at a higher rate, it has also intensified its rhetoric against the South Korean and US governments. Both countries’ armed forces resumed full-scale joint military exercises this year due to the threat posed by North Korea’s nuclear weapons program. North Korea is under severe international sanctions due to its nuclear weapons program.

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