November 29, 2022

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In Iran: A Singer Learns His Death Sentence Here News

Because he proved it! |

Here a singer learns his death sentence

Tehran – He protested against the mullahs’ regime in Iran – which is why Kurdish singer and rapper Zaman Yassin (27) must die now.

These photos show the moment the judge announced the death sentence.

Kurdish Rapper’s Alleged “Crime”: “War Against God”

Photo: Twitter

According to reports by human rights organizations, the charge is “war against God” – a term also used in Islamic criminal law to describe protests against authorities.

Yassin was arrested by mullahs during a demonstration against Islamic rule in Tehran on October 2.

︎ The death of young Kurd Zina Masa Amini (22) in mid-September sparked mass protests across the country against mandatory headscarves, Islamic oppression of people and democratic, free life.

Since the Islamic Revolution (1979), the Kurdish ethnic minority has suffered particularly from discrimination and oppression. That is why protests in Kurdish regions are increasing day by day.

In the streets of majority Kurdish areas, demonstrators chanted: “As long as a Kurdish lives, there will be Kurdistan”. The main slogan of the feminist movement in Iran comes from Kurdistan: “Zin, Zian, Azadi”, Woman, Life, Freedom.

Attack on protestors in front of embassy Even in Berlin, Iranians are not safe

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