December 5, 2022

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Increased nuclear capabilities: NATO warns of new missile bombs on China

Nuclear capabilities increased
NATO warns of new missile bombs in China

The report on the new missile silos in China has not gone unnoticed by NATO. Secretary-General Stoltenberg warns that Beijing could significantly expand its arsenal. He calls on the nation to take responsibility for arms control.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has expressed concern over China’s construction of new missile silos. As a result, the country could significantly increase its nuclear capabilities, Norway said at a conference on arms control in Copenhagen. China is rapidly adding more warships and more sophisticated supply systems to its nuclear arsenal. All this is going on in a completely transparent manner without hindrance.

“As a global power, China has a global responsibility for arms control,” Stoltenberg told the Chinese government, which has so far largely refused to negotiate. Beijing will benefit from mutual limitations, greater transparency and forecasting.

The American Society of Scientists (FAS) reported on new construction in late July. Their experts discovered Xinjiang near Hami in the northwestern region with the help of satellite imagery A large area with silos for nuclear missiles under construction. A few weeks ago, a similar new site was discovered with a missile silos under construction near Yemen in Gansu Province.

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A total of more than 200 new missile silos are expected in July, according to FAS experts. This is more than half of what the United States does for Russia and more for its ICBMs. According to FAS estimates, China has 350 nuclear weapons. The United States and Russia each come in at 4,000.

According to experts, the leadership of state and party leader Xi Jinping may have various motives behind the Chinese expansion, as he is the head of the military commission and therefore commander-in-chief. This may be a reaction to the modernization of nuclear powers in the United States, Russia and India. China may worry that its earlier silos are vulnerable.

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