December 10, 2022

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Indonesia: Nose sticks used at Corona checkpoint at Madonna airport – News Abroad

An Indonesian pharmaceutical company is said to have used cloth sticks at a corona test center at an airport in the metropolis of Madden!

The “South China Morning Post” reported last week that the director of police and four employees of the state-owned pharmaceutical company Kimia Pharma had been arrested. They are accused of washing and re-packaging swap sticks at the company’s headquarters. These were then unintentionally pierced in the noses of passengers at Kulanam Airport in Madden.

Police estimate that about 9,000 passengers have received contaminated soapsticks since December 2020. Every day 100 to 200 passengers were tested, some with real equipment and others with used ones. Police are investigating whether reused soapsticks have caused infections.

The fraud was exposed when an ordinary policeman conducted a check at Kulanamu International Airport, which gave a false positive result. According to police, the officer was later tested negative for the corona virus.

Both Indonesian human rights lawyers have been affected, and they traveled to Jakarta weekly between December and February for a weekly Supreme Court hearing. Rando Ciparani and Kamal Payne are preparing a lawsuit against the pharmaceutical company and seeking compensation equivalent to about 57,000 euros for the affected passengers.

Sibarani said he suspected something was wrong from the beginning: “It’s horrible because they took the tests so deeply, they forced me to take so many clothes off my nose during one test – until I complained that the procedure was not done professionally.”

Looking back, he suspected that they had punched their noses several times because “they washed and used soapsticks, which made the procedure very difficult”. Sibarani: “I have a feeling that I was the victim of a serious fraud and was raped through the nose.”

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His colleague Bane called for a nationwide halt to Kimia Pharma’s testing, and for independent teams to review its offices and testing centers. “We wonder if a bigger case needs to be found here,” he says.

The pharmaceutical company is listed and has generated sales of 9.4 trillion rupees (approximately 544 million euros) in 2019. According to police estimates, the swindlers stole used nose sticks worth an equivalent of 104,000 euros. At the time of his arrest, more than, 8,626 was confiscated.

Police have closed the Kimia Pharma checkpoint and are investigating whether the passengers were infected with the corona virus through used nose sticks.Photo: Image Alliance / Abaca

Kulanamu International Airport conducted the tests in conjunction with Kimia Pharma. An airport official who wanted to remain anonymous “South China Morning Post“We do not know anything, we can not believe that someone will do something like that.” He continued: “The airlines relied on Gulanamu Airport to make these tests possible, but the incident was beyond our control.” Following the discovery of the scandal, the Kimia Pharma checkpoint at Golan Heights Airport was closed and sealed off by police. Other providers were hired for quick tests.

Indonesia has reported nearly 1.7 million corona infections and more than 45,000 deaths since the outbreak. While tests are mandatory for air travelers, the number of general tests is small. According to the Indonesian Ministry of Health, less than ten million of the country’s 260 million people have received antigen tests.