December 10, 2022

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Indonesia: Volcano erupts in Java

Status: 04.12.2021 4:13 pm

At least one person has been killed in a volcanic eruption on the Indonesian island of Java. A further 41 people were injured. The muddy, large bridge collapsed making the rescue effort difficult.

Chemeru volcano erupts again on the Indonesian island of Java. The volcano spewed ash and a huge cloud of smoke, which darkened the surrounding villages on the island of Java and caused thousands of residents to flee. According to the National Civil Defense, the glowing lava flowed up to 800 meters from the edge of the crater.

One person was killed and at least 41 were injured. Two are still missing and eight miners are trapped in the quarry, Lumajang’s deputy district chief Inda Muster told a news conference.

Rescue workers are taking residents to safety

The video, distributed by the Civil Defense Agency, showed children and adults screaming and running. When the volcano first reached the villages and destroyed a bridge in Lumajang district in East Java, authorities sent rescue workers to bring the locals to safety.

The head of the National Disaster Management Authority said it was difficult to send rescue workers as the dense mud and the bridge between the two districts were collapsing. It is so muddy that even four-wheelers cannot move, ”he said.

Abdul Muhari, a spokesman for the authorities, said: “We are setting up emergency camps in several places in Lumajang. A restricted zone has been set up within a five-kilometer radius of the volcano.

Noise has been heard since Friday

Lumajang district chief Torikul Haq said he had heard noises from the volcano since Friday. “It is dark in the villages now,” he told Compass TV.

At approximately 3,700 meters, the volcano is the highest mountain in Java and is located in the Promo-Tenger-Semeru National Park, east of Indonesia’s most populous island. Since December 2020 he has been highly active again.

The alert level for semen has remained unchanged at the second-highest level since it erupted in December last year. Even at that time, the villages were covered with ashes and thousands of people fled.

There are about 130 volcanoes in Indonesia. The Southeast Asian island state is located in what is known as the Pacific Ring of Fire. Many tectonic plates collide there, making earthquakes and volcanic eruptions particularly frequent.