May 26, 2022

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Interview with Berlusconi Broadcaster: Lavrov need not be afraid of any questions

Status: 05/03/2022 7:34 pm

On an Italian television station, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov was able to speak monologically about Russia’s justification for war against Ukraine. The station is owned by former Prime Minister Berlusconi – and he has long valued Putin.

Elizabeth Pongrats, ARD Studio Rome

Silvio Berlusconi knows nothing. The evening of the interview broadcast with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, he welcomed guests to his villa in Arcor, Lombardy, the locals assured the Italian media. But “Reid 4” is owned by the Berlusconi Media Group and has been operating in Amsterdam under the new name “Media for Europe” since the end of 2021.

Elizabeth Pongrats
ARD Studio ROM

For years, former Prime Minister Berlusconi had a very close friendship with Russian President Vladimir Putin. They went on vacation together and the snapshots show two nice comedians who love each other very much.

There was even more joy between Berlusconi and Putin in 2010 – here at a meeting in Gerno (Italy)


“Deep disappointment in Putin”

But three weeks ago, Berlusconi stepped down from Putin. He did not want to hide and did not want to hide the fact that he was “deeply disappointed and saddened” by Putin’s behavior – Putin “accepted a very responsible responsibility to the whole world”.

He always saw Putin as a man of democracy and peace; What is happening is “really shame”.

Tobias Morschel, chairman of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Rome, says this is not a complete departure from Putin. Unlike other Western politicians, Berlusconi did not demand that Putin be present at the International Criminal Court. “He was disappointed in Putin, but about it.”

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A stage for 42 minutes

In prime time, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov was allowed to speak for 42 minutes on the “Jonah Bianca” program. It was his first interview with a Western media outlet since the beginning of the war.

Evaluator Giuseppe Prindici delivered the keynote address, while Lavrov coordinated the Russian view of the Ukraine war. He called the massacre of civilians in Pucha a sham, saying that Russia wanted to save the people of eastern Ukraine from being annihilated.

No Interview – A “Famous Talk”

Shortly after the broadcast, the first review was showered, especially on the content, but also on the form. Prime Minister Mario Draghi said it was not an interview but a “popular speech”.

One has to ask oneself whether the person asking for the interview should be called for a specific time interview, for a minute or two, without any question. That, Draghi continues, “is not a good performance professionally and evokes strange thoughts. It’s not really that big.”

Many politicians in Italy see it as a troll talking about the campaign. But others, such as Georgia Meloni, the opposition leader of the post-fascist Fradelli d’Italia, do not want to criticize the broadcaster, the mediaset. Lavrov issued the statements.

Lavrov seizes the opportunity

“Rete 4” is actually a small station owned by the Berlusconi Empire since 1984. The authors of “Sona Bianca” announced that they have an idea to interview Lavrov for three weeks. The green light came on last Thursday.

Apparently, according to Mörschel, the authors had in mind many Italians because not everyone agreed on the correct measures to be taken in the war in Ukraine.

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According to Mörschel, half of Italy’s population opposes the supply of heavy weapons, and less than 40 percent support it. This also applies to other important questions about Ukraine’s future: “The minority of Italians who support Ukraine’s joining the European Union soon.”

Private television could have addressed precisely this audience. Lavrov knew in advance that his answers would be completely recreated. The teachers agreed.