December 10, 2022

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Iran: Presidential election begins – Ibrahim Raisi’s favorite

Presidential election Iran Has begun. More than 59 million voters will choose the president’s successor on Friday Hasan Rohani |After two terms in office he is no longer allowed to run. Due to the corona epidemic, the opening hours of polling stations were extended and their number increased to more than 70,000.

The country’s spiritual leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei delivered in the capital Tehran The first ballot of the election, thus officially opening the ballot box. According to the Interior Ministry, the first results are expected to be the latest on Saturday or Sunday. The new president will take office in August.

After the election, observers expect a change in political power. Of the seven candidates initially allowed, only four contested on election day. An extreme conservative clergyman, a reformer, a former general and a hardliner. Clear favorite The cleric and head of the judiciary, Ibrahim Raisi, acted. Reform-minded economist Abdol Nasser Hemati, especially looking forward to the referendum, is being offered the chance to be a foreigner.

For the majority of the population, Rice’s election victory is considered certain. Rouhani failed four years ago due to the fact that this time it was much easier for him to get to the presidency. This led to violent demonstrations within their own ranks – and led to great indifference on the part of the people in an election.

What a win for Rice

Experts believe that as president, Raisi Rouhani will not pursue a moderate course. During the election campaign, he focused on economic issues and promised a quick end to the financial crisis caused by US sanctions. But without negotiating with them United States An end to sanctions – and an economic crisis that has been going on for almost three years – is unlikely in the future of the 2015 Vienna Nuclear Agreement, which has since been undermined by both sides.

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Precisely because of this deal Raisi has been harshly criticized in recent years. However, now his vision seems to be less intense. “We will value the agreement, but we will set the conditions for it, not the United States,” he said during the election campaign. He did not want to announce his terms for this later.

In Middle Eastern politics, when Raisi assumes the presidency, observers expect a radical trend related to prominence. Israel Something more hostile than ever.