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Is Kavanaugh case giving political leverage to the Democrats?

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The vicious battle to confirm Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh hasn’t turned in the favor of Republicans till now. A poll conducted by CNN highlighted that Democrats were heading into the midterm elections with a larger lead.

According to the poll, Democratic Party’s candidate received 54 percent votes as compared to the 41 percent votes of the GOP candidate. Not much has been changed since September, when the same poll revealed that 52 percent voters were in the favor of Democratic candidates for Congress.

The survey was conducted telephonically October 4-7 and had a 3.8 percent margin of error. The poll showed, women voters lead the Democrats by 30-point with 63 percent to 33 percent. On the other hand, men favor Democrats by just 5 points, with 50 percent to 45 percent.

While Senators were voting on Kavanaugh’s nomination, the poll came out as the first national survey to be conducted during this period. President Donald Trump and Republican strategists have argued that the GOP voters have been electrified to retain control of Congress because of Democrats’ efforts to slow the judge’s confirmation. Whereas, polling suggested the opposite.

As per the polls, enthusiasm has increased by seven points from last month among Democrats, with 62 percent of registered Democrats describing themselves as “very” or “extremely” enthusiastic to vote. Enthusiasm among the Republicans was also up by three points, with 53 percent.

The poll also found that maximum voters expect Republicans to control Congress after the midterms. Out of all the surveyed people, only 34 percent feel that Democrats would take over and 50 percent believe that Republicans would take the charge. This makes it a six-point decline for the Democrats since September and a two-point increase for the Republicans.

A net gain of 23 House seats is required by the Democrats to gain control of the chamber, with more than 60 districts in role.

Republicans are defending only nine Senate seats and just one, Nevada, is in a state from where Democrat Hillary Clinton won two years ago. On the other hand, ten of the 26 Democrats from the states where Trump won in 2016 are up for reelection.

The CNN poll reached a random national sample of 1,009 adults.


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