February 1, 2023

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Is NovaVox better than Biotech? The corona vaccine is promising

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Is NovaVox better than Biotech? The corona vaccine is promising

Novavox – makes the new vaccine much better

Novavox – makes the new vaccine much better

In early August, the European Commission signed an agreement: Member states could purchase 100 million doses of the Novavox vaccine. You can see what is special about this vaccine in this video.

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Novax vaccine may soon be approved in the European Union. The solution works differently than Biontech and Co.


  • The EU Commission has already ordered several doses: the novovax vaccine may soon be approved
  • The corona vaccine is based on a different technology than Fiontec and is more effective
  • NovaVox has several advantages: On Wednesday, the US manufacturer released a statement

In the struggle against Corona infection New support emerges: US manufacturer wants this year Novavox Apply for approval for his vaccine in the EU, the commission has already ordered 200 million doses by 2023. NVX-CoV2373 cannot be the only approved limit Corona vaccines Expand, but against a new policy SARS – Cove-2 Introduce

The agent contains synthetic spike proteins of the pathogen that are produced in the laboratory and stimulate the immune system needed for the true corona virus in the human body. This distinguishes the novovax vaccine from both MRNA vaccines From Biontech And Modern As well as classic ones Vector vaccines From Astrazeneca And Johnson & Johnson: These stimulate the body to produce spike proteins, which the immune system can then learn.

NovaVox can help poor countries

The principle of protein vaccination is not new, influenza vaccines Novavox Are at its core. As of June 3, the company claims NVX-CoV2373 efficiency of 90.4%. This means that vaccinated subjects are about 90 percent less likely to develop the disease than non-vaccinated subjects. Protection against moderate and severe disease courses was even 100 percent. Read more: Regression for Curevac – The vaccine is less effective

Like most corona vaccines, the novovax vaccine requires two injections. With that NVX-CoV2373 Refrigerator temperature Can save, making transportation easier and cheaper. So this solution should be suitable for use in poor countries. Novavox said about 150 million doses of the vaccine could be produced by the end of 2021. Interesting too: Less protection from Biontech? Researchers warn against misconceptions

The US Government Provided Novavox with substantial financial assistance in the development of the active ingredient. Since there is already enough vaccine in the United States, it is expected that the Novax product will be used primarily elsewhere.

NovaVox issues a notice: The Camby vaccine is being tested

As announced Wednesday, the U.S. company begins clinical testing for its combined vaccine. The combined vaccine should work against influenza and Govt-19. The Phase 1/2 study is expected to include nearly 650 people aged 50-70 from Australia. (küp / dpa)

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