December 5, 2022

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Is the corona vaccine free? Although Gibraltar has almost been vaccinated, the incidence is 600

Although the Gibraltar Peninsula is almost completely vaccinated, the phenomenon is a glorious 600. Looking at other statistics shows what it means.

Gibraltar – Numbers do not lie, it is not only after the corona infection. However, it is important to classify the numbers. In Gibraltar, for example, about 34,000 people live in the beautiful British Overseas Territory at the southern tip of Spain. About 78,000 doses of the vaccine against the virus have been delivered so far on the peninsula with its amazing rock. It officially raises the vaccination rate to 116 percent — and the resident does not receive a third vaccine as a booster or is vaccinated until the age of twelve. Was at the same time Seven Day Event * About 600 at the start of the week in Gibraltar. So does vaccine protection appear to many?

The corona numbers in Gibraltar show what the vaccine actually protects

Among other things, if you look at the distribution of vaccines, the so-called darkness seems to be light. Not only the citizens of Gibraltar were vaccinated with 78,000 vaccine doses – mainly Biontech / Pfizer. It has also vaccinated at least 8,000 Spanish travelers working daily on the peninsula. In addition, not everyone in Gibraltar is openly vaccinated – not even those over the age of twelve. Last Sunday, local health officials announced 18 new infections. Ten have already been fully vaccinated – eight, according to officials, no.

The high seven-day event is now dominating and is rampant across Europe hochansteckende Delta-Variante * Rediscovered. Aggressive variation can affect people who have been vaccinated. But what does the vaccine do? Simple answer: It provides the most reliable protection against serious diseases. That too for all ages. As Focus online The Gibraltar government announced a total of 304 active corona cases on Monday, 176 of which were due to delta variation. However, very different from the onset of the infection, only a portion of which still needs to be treated in the hospital. On the weekend it was one SZAccording to reports, nine patients, only one person in the intensive care unit.

The magnificent rock of Gibraltar. In the British Overseas Territory at the southern tip of Spain, the 7-day event is high, but no one has to go to the hospital.

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Gibraltar: The corona scene shows the presence of German citizens

And no one dies. When Chief Minister Fabian Picardo declared Gibraltar “non-Govt.” On April 8, there were 94 deaths from the corona virus in the small country. Due to the advanced vaccination strategy on the peninsula, not a single case has been included to date. The main goal of avoiding severe studies and deaths with vaccines was apparently achieved – despite the high number of infections.

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In addition to the struggle against the Delta genre, a new race against time erupted in Gibraltar. Many citizens received their second vaccination in February. Several studies – including Israel – conclude that the effectiveness of the vaccine ends after about six months. It will be in August. That is why a third round of vaccinations will soon be needed on the peninsula. Well, Federal Health Minister Jens Spann (CDU) is sure to visit German citizens occasionally in the fall. * is an offer IPPEN.MEDIA

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