December 4, 2022

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Is Vitaly Klitschko pro-Russian? A video that raises the question of is spreading on the internet


March 21, 2022 – 9:24 am Clock

By Serge Meyer and Julia Mல்லller

Is Kiev Mayor Vitaly Klitschko Did you turn the page? In a video circulating online, a picture of the Russian president and the Russian flag hung on the wall of Klitschko’s office. RTL research now clarifies what this is all about.

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Picture of Vitaly Klitschko and Putin in his office in front of the Russian flag

Original and fake: The Ukrainian flag (right) hangs in Klitschko’s office, not Putin’s and the Russian flag.

© Telegram

It’s a video that raises questions. It shows the mayor of the Ukrainian capital Kiev in his office. Very good so far. But decorating the wall behind Vitaly Klitschko doesn’t quite fit the picture: Portrait of Russian President Putin and the Russian flag. But Klitschko’s statement does not fit: “Friends, dear citizens of Kiev, Kiev will continue to defend itself. There are no Russian troops in the capital,” the former pro-boxer explains in the Ukrainian language video. According to RTL research, it went online on March 17 on the pro-Russian Telegram team.

So what’s the deal with video? According to RTL research, this is a fake. Producers may have used a video Vitaly Klitschko has already released on February 27 and edited the background: Putin’s picture was later added. In addition, the yellow, actually the Ukrainian flag, was painted red – so it became Russian. The original video was also compressed. (jmu)

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