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Why $3.3B Aid to Israel won’t End Military Conflicts in Middle East?

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As the Middle East simmers in the military conflicts and the US struggles to maintain its hold in the region, the Republican and Democratic Senators joined hands to ensure relations with Israel continue to sail smooth by introducing a legislation that will provide Israel an annual aid of $3.3 billion. 

Republican Senator Marco Rubio and Democratic Senator Chris Coons co-sponsored the bill to turn the 2016 aid agreement between the US and Israel into law. Both the Sens. introduced the bill, just a day after the Iranian missiles hit the Iraqi bases housing the US military.

While the bill clearly shows the US lawmakers are unable to suppress the military conflicts in the Middle East, it would not be wrong to claim that it is a waste to the hard-earned taxpayers’ money.

Considering the recent altercations of the US in the region, the move seems to be taken to maintain support in the form of Israel to lean on during the tough times. The bill also reveals the influence of the pro-Israel lobby group over Congress and the White House officials.

Many political critics claimed that the whopping aid of $3.3 billion to Israel will not serve the purpose of ending military conflicts in the region or even help the US in regaining hold over the Middle East.

Unless the Trump administration stops changing its strategies and policies related to the Middle East, the claims by critics expose a harsh reality. For example, the US has been selling arms to Saudi Arabia, which is running a coalition that has exponentially deteriorated the Yemeni crisis.

Similarly, the US imposing continuous sanctions over the possible violations of the Iran Nuclear Deal and continued airstrikes on Iranian-backed militia even after the retaliation of the death of an American defense contractor worsened the US-Iran conflict and played a crucial role in increasing the military conflicts in the region and making the region more volatile.

The US, mainly lawmakers, has a history of following the maxim, “What’s good for Israel, is good for America”. With the US losing its hold over the region, troops’ withdrawal from the region in the past months, and worsening relations with the Middle Eastern countries, it would be safe to bet that the maxim needs to be entirely dropped or be changed at the very least.

Furthermore, the US has continuously prioritized Israeli security at every point and to back the claim is the fact that the US has spent more than $142 billion in the form of aid to Israel from 1946-2019.

Not to forget, the aid to Israel has only led to multiple military conflicts in the region, including the massive human rights violations in Palestine and the illegal control of Israel over the Israeli settlements in the West Bank territory.

Since the US is oblivious to the fact that Israel has no role over the its influence in the Middle East, perhaps such common points will never be brought in the notice of the Trump Administration and the massive annual aid will never be put to a better use.

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