December 5, 2022

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Israel: Attack on East Jerusalem – Israel continues airstrikes on Gaza

Neighboring countries Conflict in the Middle East

Attack on East Jerusalem – Israel continues airstrikes on terrorist targets in Gaza

Israeli army bombed terrorist targets in Gaza on Monday night, from where Hamas fired rockets into Israel

Israeli army bombed terrorist targets in Gaza on Monday night, from where Hamas fired rockets into Israel


Many were injured in a car attack in East Jerusalem. Israel also responded Monday night with airstrikes against terrorist targets in the Gaza Strip, according to the Israeli military.

IMany were injured in a car attack in East Jerusalem. Israeli police said Sunday that four police officers were injured in an attack in the Sheikh Zarra district. A total of seven people were injured, local rescue workers said.

Police spokesman Mickey Rosenfield said the attacker was stopped by shots. He did not provide further details on the attacker’s condition. A local journalist with the Jerusalem Post said the attacker was a Palestinian. Authorities have not yet commented on the identity.

A scene of violent clashes between Palestinians and Israeli police a week ago in East Jerusalem. The protests were triggered by the Israelis’ threat to evict about 30 Palestinians from their homes in the Sheikh Zarra district.

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Daniel-Dylan Bahmer believes the crisis could be the first test of a more peaceful Middle East

Israel and the Palestinians

Since then, violence in the Middle East has increased. The radical Islamist Hamas suddenly began firing thousands of rockets at Israel from Gaza. In response, the Israeli army has hit hundreds of targets in the Gaza Strip since Monday.

Israel also responded with airstrikes in the Gaza Strip on Monday night. AFP reporters said dozens of bombs had been dropped over the dense coastal area. The Israeli military says war terrorists are targeting “terrorist targets” in the Gaza Strip. For its part, the terrorist organization Hamas continued to fire rockets at Israel.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said that Israel will continue its attacks on Hamas structures in the Gaza Strip. In a televised speech on Sunday evening, Netanyahu said military action would continue “at full speed” because the radical Islamist organization had to pay a “high price” for the rocket attacks that led to it. It takes a while.

He rejected criticism of the demolition of a tall building in Gaza that houses the offices of the Andhra News Agency and Al-Jazeera television station. He told the US television channel CBS on Sunday that the building also contained the office of the radical Islamic Hamas, which was his “absolutely justifiable target.” When asked in a phone call with US President Joe Biden on Saturday if he had provided evidence of being in the Hamas building, he said: “We are sending this through our intelligence officers.”

Guterres insists on stopping the fight

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Sunday warned of an “uncontrolled” crisis in the entire region. At the start of an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council on the Middle East on Sunday, Guterres said, “This brilliant cycle of bloodshed, terrorism and destruction must end immediately.” “It simply came to our notice then. It must be stopped immediately, ”he said.

Guterres said the violence, which killed nearly 200 people in a week, was “absolutely horrific.” “It has the potential to provoke uncontrolled security and the humanitarian crisis and further promote extremism not only in the occupied Palestinian territories and Israel, but throughout the region.”

The UN Security Council has repeatedly agreed to a joint statement on the escalating conflict in the Middle East. According to diplomats, the United States is blocking a joint statement, as it has done in the previous two closed meetings.

Biden works for “permanent retirement.”

Washington is a close ally of Israel. UN Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield stressed that the United States “worked tirelessly to end hostilities” and “lasting peace.”

According to President Joe Biden, the United States is working with the Palestinians and Israelis to achieve “lasting peace.” “We believe that Palestinians and Israelis deserve equal protection and security,” he said in a video broadcast on Sunday at the end of the Islamic fast. In addition, they must “enjoy an equal measure of freedom, prosperity and democracy”.

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