December 5, 2022

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Israel’s Miracle Weapon: The “Iron Dome” saved hundreds of civilian lives – Politics Abroad

Eight Israelis have been killed when Hamas terrorist militants fired 2,000 rockets at Israel since Monday. Mainly thanks to the “Iron Dome” (Israel Iron Dome): Israel’s missile defense system accurately calculates which terrorist missiles are aimed at populated areas and then retrieves them from the sky.

Bildt was allowed to see Israel’s miracle weapon – somewhere in the south of Israel, to be kept secret for security reasons.

Without the “Iron Dome”, Hamas rockets would have killed hundreds of civilians, “said Maj. Aryan Sharus Shalikar, 43, a spokesman for the Israeli military.

BILD Military Spokesman RY Sharus meets Shalikar on a site with “Iron Dome”Photo: Eel Warshawski

“Missile defense batteries can be used on mobile and nationwide. We can get them anywhere in Israel in a few hours to protect our citizens, ”Shalikar said.

In the desert in the south of Israel

“Iron Dome” battery in the desert in southern Israel – not allowed to name the exact locationPhoto: Eel Warshawski

According to Shalikar, the “Iron Dome” clarifies where the biggest difference is between Israel and its terrorist adversaries. Although Israel has invested in a security system for years to protect its citizens against Hamas short-range missiles, the Gaza people do not even have bunkers.

Rest before next use

Rest before next usePhoto: Eel Warshawski

“Hamas wants as many innocent people as possible to die,” he said. Then they can show these images to the world and criticize Israel. ”

The “Iron Dome” has been in use for many years

The “Gipt Parcel” (“Iron Dome”), as it is called in Hebrew, has been in use for more than ten years – and most effectively protects Israeli citizens from incoming rockets and grenades.

As Hamas and other Islamist groups on Israel’s borders have been increasingly firing short-range missiles at nearby cities, the Israeli arms company Rafael began building a defense system against the threat.

Israel Missile Defense Infographic

The Israeli army already had several patriotic missile defense systems. But their rockets are many times larger than the “Tamir” rockets of the “Iron Dome” system. To use the “Iron Dome” as efficiently as possible, the computer can be installed mobile and quickly. It also calculates whether incoming missiles land in populated areas – that is when defense missiles are launched.

In the event of massive attacks at the same time, the defense system can reach its limits: simultaneous attacks with multiple missiles can defeat the shield, as a launch container contains 20 missiles.

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