December 10, 2022

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It is expected that 1000 migrants will come to Belarus every day

Germany State abduction

It is expected that 1000 migrants will come to Belarus every day

Lithuania builds meter-high fences on the border with Belarus

More and more immigrants from Belarus are trying to enter the European Union. Poland, Lithuania and Latvia began to build hundreds of kilometers of border fences in collaboration with fortified border guards.

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The Federal Police recently noticed a sharp increase in the number of people entering Belarus – and further growth is uncertain. Thus the power faces the next situation after border controls in the Corona crisis.

D.He said the corona epidemic led to exceptionally extensive operations on German borders last year. This comes from the Federal Police Annual Report released on Tuesday. Accordingly, a total of 196,266 people were deported or deported between March and June 2020 in the course of border controls with several European countries. Nearly 3,000 people were denied entry to airports.

The federal government introduced restrictions to break the chains of epidemics. Foreigners were only allowed to enter with good reason. These restrictions do not apply to passengers or cargo movement. The corona situation is linked to further action by the federal police, which has supported states in enforcing anti-epidemic regulations. In addition, authorities have protected vaccine traffic across Germany since December 2020.

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According to reports, there were only a few lines at a few border crossings - mostly narrow, like the German-French border here at Saarbrucken.

Boundary restrictions due to corona

The number of irregular migrations will be significantly reduced by 2020 due to increased restrictions in many parts of the world following the epidemic – at the same time, these restrictions have led to more efforts by immigrants to cross hidden borders. In cars or vans. However, the Federal Police recorded a sharp increase in the so-called container locks, especially the so-called Balkan Path.

After the epidemic improved in recent months, the number of immigrants to Central Europe and the Federal Republic of Germany has risen significantly – partly due to the fact that people in transport countries are waiting for their trip.

The death toll in the border area may be higher

In recent weeks, with migration via Belarus, a state has slipped into the role of a smuggler, flying people out of crisis areas and leading them to the European Union (EU). As of July, the Federal Police has registered only 26 unauthorized entries related to Belarus this year – the number has since risen to nearly 8,000.

In addition, every day 800 to 1000 migrants land in Belarus, according to security sources – the planes come mainly from Russia, Turkey, Syria or Dubai, for example, Iraqis, have flown before. Once in Belarus, people will usually be brought quickly to the EU’s outer border.

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A federal police officer is guarding two previously arrested immigrants in the city center of Frankfurt (Oder) near the German-Polish border.

Security sources say Belarusian border guards are using drones to search for holes in the Polish border. Large groups of up to 200 people will eventually be sent. Some of the immigrants were provided with winter clothing in advance. There is also evidence that amphetamines are given to help people last longer. Officially, eight people have died so far in the border area. However, in German security circles, one counts significantly more.

The main countries of immigration are Iraqis and Syrians. According to security sources, the Belarusian government has so far banned them from returning if they wish to return, given the dangerous situation at the border.

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