February 3, 2023

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Italy: Drainage from Lake Carta due to drought – News Abroad

Rome – War for water in northern Italy! There is controversy over the largest lake and longest river in the country.

The Bo Valley has been experiencing a severe drought for several weeks. The level of the Bow, Italy’s longest river, is dramatically three meters lower than the annual average. The 125 communities along the river have already cut off the supply of drinking water at night or at least severely restricted it. In some places water only comes in tanker trucks.

Desperate plan: to alleviate the water crisis from Lake Carda. Meuccio Berselli, General Secretary of the Po District Authority (Aipo) Italian newspaper La Repubblica: “No more wasting time, no rain for 110 days, cooperation and solidarity needed.”

Poe in northern Italy is mostly dryPhoto: EPA

It is therefore demanded that communities in Lake Karda be allowed to pump 20,000 to 30,000 liters per second of their water.

But they vehemently oppose these plans! Because even the largest lake in the country has to fight heat and drought. The lake is about 63 percent full and 46 centimeters lower than the average of previous years. Trend fall.

Although there is still no shortage of popular tourist sites such as the lowlands in the south, the water level is dropping by a centimeter every day. Four million cubic meters of water is wasted every day.

Pierlucio Ceresa, general secretary of the Lake Garda Community, said: “We were asked if we could take 20 to 30 cubic meters per second from the lake to try to cure the drought. In addition to getting sick, we also get sick card.

The impact of Lake Carda on the flora and fauna of the world is unpredictable. The supply of artificial lakes near Mantua, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, must also be ensured. Like other lakes in the Alps, Lake Carta has run out of ice. So the filling is not in view.

A summit of regional executive leaders is scheduled for this week in Rome to discuss the serious crisis.

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