December 5, 2022

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Italy: Keisterdorf was submerged in Lake Resen for ten years>News>

A scene that is so special can only be appreciated very briefly

The church tower in the middle of Lake Resen is a complete eye-catcher. But what really lies beneath? Exactly what can be admired for a very short time now. The reservoir was filtered for maintenance work – as a result, the sunken walls of the village allow for a brief, bizarre view of a world that has been submerged for 70 years. Spectacular pictures can be seen in the video here.

The Regency in South Tyrol was shut down for a power plant

Resency is a reservoir in the municipality of Gron, which was developed for a storage power station in the area. For this, the village was flooded in 1950. Since then, only the steeple of St. Catharina’s sunken parish church has come out of the water and only the brave divers can place a paddle on the stairs of the old stairwell. The extraordinary location was also the main shooting location for the mystery series “Crohn’s”, as Gron im Vinshkov is called in Italian.

But unusual pictures can not be seen for a long time. With the completion of the works, the flooding of the lake has already started again. Soon the medieval walls would sink again and sleep under water for the next few decades.

(dpa / fhe)

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