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Jared Kushner Security Clearance Raises Questions on White House’s Credibility

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The White House is under stack of questions, as a latest report revealed how Jared Kushner, President Donald Trump’s son-in-law, was granted the top secret clearance. The report stated that a Trump appointee had overruled the recommendation of two specialist adjudicators of not granting Kushner the security clearance.

After a prolonged delay in FBI background checks, the senior advisor to the President, Jared Kushner was awarded top security clearance last May, which gave him access to highly sensitive national security intelligence. A few months before, he had lost his full clearance, as it was reported that he had not provided adequate information.

On Thursday night, NBC News published a report suggesting new conspiracy within the White House over the clearance process. The report states, Kushner was turned down for the sensitive “top secret” category by two career White House officials, who specialize in assessing individuals for their security risks.

Anonymous sources highlighted that Jared Kushner was rejected on the basis of his foreign contacts, as well as the FBI background checks that raised red flags over his family businesses.

However, the decision of rejection was reversed by a Trump appointee, Carl Kline was put in charge the personnel security office at the White House four months after Trump become the president.

The Thursday night report attracted a series of prompt and ardent reactions. A former White House cabinet secretary, Chris Lu said, “This would be a major scandal for any other White House.”

Last year, it was discovered that nearly 130 political appointees, including Jared Kushner, were working for the president without permanent security clearances as late as November 2017.

On Wednesday, Democrats in the House Oversight Committee launched an investigation into the White House clearance process. In a letter to the White House, Representative Elijah Cummings said, that the committee has launched “an in-depth investigation” considering the “grave breaches of national security at the highest levels of the Trump Administration.”

Amidst the existing challenges before the Trump and his administration, the latest report emerged as an unforeseen dilemma. It has not just questioned the credibility of the White House and its processes, but can also impact Donald Trump’s presidency.

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