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Jeffrey Epstein with his Suicide Leaves Alarming Questions Behind

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The suicide of the accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein has not only ignited various news controversies, but also halted the ongoing investigations on him. The circumstances under which he died – being all alone in the cell at the time of suicide and not being closely monitored – are currently being investigated. 

Epstein’s suicide occurred 11 days after being removed from the suicide watch, on Saturday morning in a federal prison. The suicide is believed to be of controversial nature because of the appearance of various documents providing vivid description of him sexually abusing various girls. 

The sources with information about Jeffrey Epstein’s time of death have claimed that his cell was not monitored regularly at the night of the incident. According to a law enforcement official, Epstein was supposed to be checked regularly by the guards at the interval of 30 minutes. However, the procedure was not followed that night.

66-year-old Epstein, accused of sex-trafficking and sexual abuse, was believed to be alone in his cell in the special housing unit. Some sources also claimed that he had a cell-mate earlier, but the prison authorities transferred the other inmate sometime back.

The reason behind the transfer is still unknown and according to the authorities, this transfer violated the procedures that the prison is subjected to follow.

After the news of Jeffrey Epstein committing suicide got circulated, various online theorists and conspiracy chatter began to surface. Following his suicide, hashtag #EpsteinMurder began to trend on social media.

With controversial statements and claims surfacing, the Justice Department and the F.B.I have begun to investigate all aspects surrounding the incident, including the reason behind the transfer of Epstein’s cell inmate.

The Federal Bureau of Prisons has come under scrutiny earlier as well for not keeping a suicide watch on Epstein when he was found injured in his cell with the indications that he tried to commit suicide.

Chief medical examiner of New York City Dr. Barbara Sampson claimed that the final conclusion is “pending further information at this time”. She also said that a private pathologist, Dr. Michael Baden – hired by the lawyers of Jeffrey Epstein – observed the autopsy and refused to release information on the cause of death.

Even though Epstein was involved in a lot of controversies for a long time, his death has raised various questions on the prison authorities and the staff including the guards. After the documents furnishing proofs of Epstein sexually abusing girls surfaced, his death has now become an unresolved mystery.

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