January 28, 2023

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Jersey: An island in the English Channel threatens to withdraw French electricity

Neighboring countries Jersey

An island in the English Channel threatens to shut down France

Archive of the beach at St. Helier, the capital of the British-crowned Jersey

Archive of the beach at St. Helier, the capital of the British-crowned Jersey

Quell: Getty Images / Matt Carty

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The island of Jersey in the English Channel belongs to the British Crown, but is much closer to France than to Great Britain. As the two countries differ on how to deal with Brexit, electricity supplier France may soon pull the plug on residents.

IControversy over fishing license for water in British Channel Island Jersey threatens French government to retaliate. “You have already informed the EU Commission that you will not comply with the Brexit agreement on this matter,” Annie Gordin, the minister in charge of maritime policy, told the lower house of the French parliament on Tuesday.

The island is a few kilometers off the French coast, But a British crown is with its own administration. Most of the island’s electricity comes from France via an undersea cable.

A controversy has arisen in this regard: the head of the department Girardin said that 41 fishing licenses have been issued to French boats for Jersey. However, these are unacceptable, Conditions not agreed Connected, for example, access to water has in some cases been reduced from 40 days to ten.

Conflict between France and Great Britain

In retaliation, “we have ways,” Girard said. In this context, he brought in the supply of electricity. “I’m so sorry if we happen to go that far,” but they say “they will do it if we have to.” Otherwise, one would risk accessing the ocean elsewhere.

The Jersey crown was property, but the British government defended itself against the allegations on the basis of its own administration. This means that the island is responsible for issuing licenses. No influence was exerted.

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French fishermen have long been angry about access to British waters after Brexit. The protest is mainly against the slow issuance of fishing licenses in London. Jean-Luc Hall, chairman of the National Fisheries Commission, told the Bloomberg News Agency that Britain had issued fewer licenses than agreed. French fishermen would not enter British waters without a license to avoid being fined.

After the British left the EU, there was a controversy over the total catches and their distribution. At times, negotiations over a Brexit trade agreement threatened to fail due to the fish issue. In December, EU countries agreed to a temporary fishing quota until the end of July.

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