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Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker Receives Standing Ovation at Venice Film Festival

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With the premiere of Joaquin Phoenix starrer “Joker” at the Venice Film Festival, the movie has become a major hit amongst the critics. Even though the movie was one of the highly awaited movies of 2019, an eight minute standing ovation has sent every fan and critics into frenzy.

The movie has all the elements of being a hit at the box-office. Witnessing the mesmerizing performance of Phoenix in the titular role, the doubts of him being a worthy successor of the legendary Heath Ledger have proved to be baseless.

The movie will hit the theaters on October 4 and is illustrated as an “original, stand-alone origin story” by the movie’s distributor Warner Bros.

Joaquin Phoenix, during the press conference at the Venice Film Festival, in regards of playing the role of the iconic Joker said, “I guess I was interested, actually, in the light of Arthur, for lack of a better word. It wasn’t just the torment, it was kind of like the joy, it was his struggle to find happiness and to feel connected and to feel warmth and love.”

“That’s the part of the character that I was interested in and I think was worth kind of exploring. I don’t think of a character as tormented. I don’t ever kind of define characters in that way. It’s only when I come to do press that I get asked these questions, but I never think of it that way.”

The three times Academy-award nominee, Joaquin Phoenix further added, “For me, for us, it’s almost, it was eight months, for me, of exploring this person. It’s very difficult to distill that experience down into a soundbite or just into a definition of who the person is. He was so many things to me at different times. Who he was the first few weeks of shooting, completely different than who he was at the end. It was something that was constantly evolving.”

The movie originally revolves around the origin of the Joker as the villain, explaining his degeneracy into evil. The actor has now been capped to win the famed Oscar next year. The movie has received appreciation from different media outlets like Variety, NME, and LA Times.

The dedication of Joaquin Phoenix can be understood from the fact that he lost 52lbs of weight to deliver justice to the role of Joker. With a lot of positive heard about the movie, the film is surely an awaited one now.

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