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Joe Biden Issues Calls to Protect Obama-era Affordable Care Act

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Joe Biden’s Presidential campaign expanding beyond the hatred of his critiques has called against “Medicare for All” policy. In his bid, Biden pressed his opponents to fight and protect the Affordable Care Act (ACA), initiated under Obama-era. Biden has been supportive of the policies initiated by the former President and has maintained a stiff stance against those not understanding the need for it.

Deputy campaign Manager and Communications Director Kate Bedingfield detailed what Republican efforts have done to overpower the Obama administration signature legislation. In her Medium post she said: “With all of these renewed threats, as Democrats we should be presenting a united front to protect the law we rallied together to pass.” “Defending Obamacare is how Democrats took back the House. And it’ll be one way we take back the Presidency from Trump,” she added.

As per Biden’s proposed strategy, his policy would create a so-called public opinion that would permit anyone to sign up for the publically run health plan like Medicare. Besides, allowing citizens to get subsidies, which would in turn help them to pay for their health insurance and lessen the upper limit they could spend on premiums.

Such a plan would tremendously expand its reach from 60 to 300 million people, eliminating the health insurance program primarily used by older Americans.

However, his plans are a direct contradiction to that of Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, who has promoted Medicare for All policy. As Sanders states, his plans would eliminate most private health insurance, which other Democrats running for presidency wish not to be discontinued.

“At the end of the day, you’ve either got to be on the side of the people or the side of the health insurance companies. I know which side I’m on,” Sanders tweeted last week, directly pointing out Biden in an attached video.

Biden has showcased problem with Sanders’ plan, saying that his ideas could lead to a lapse in coverage for millions and that starting from the scratch does not make any sense.

Ironically, the little debate within the Democratic ranks is not causing any sort of problem for the upcoming elections. The scenario is especially because people deserve to know both sides of the coin, before reaching upon any sort of conclusion.

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