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Poll Reveals Joe Biden in Close Race with Elizabeth Warren for 2020 Elections

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As per the polls conducted recently, former Vice-President Joe Biden is now once again leading the race of 2020 Democratic hopefuls, after lagging behind in the Monmouth Polls.

While the former Vice President is maintaining the lead, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren continue to give him a stiff competition in the race for 2020 elections.

The ABC News/Washington Post poll result released on Sunday showcases Biden leading the race with the support of 27 percent of Democrats and Democrat-leaning independents. On the other hand, Sanders and Warren are close to him with 19 percent and 17 percent of supporters respectively.

The polls conducted also reveal that 45 percent of voters, who participated in polls, consider Joe Biden as the most eligible Democratic candidate to defeat President Trump in the 2020 elections.

A different poll conducted by CBS News and YouGov revealed Biden in a stiff race with Warren. While the former is leading the race with 600 delegates, Warren has managed to trail closely with 545 delegates. Warren has recorded the rise in the number of delegates support due to other low-level presidential candidates supporting her.

Not only Warren has recorded an increase in the supporters, the voters also consider her as most knowledgeable on the issues prevailing amongst the candidates, she is also considered more inspiring than the former Vice-President.

CBS News and YouGov poll, which published its result on Sunday, showed Joe Biden in a neck to neck race with Warren and Sanders in the voting states of Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada.

Although he is maintaining a lead of 43 percent and 29 percent in South Carolina and Iowa respectively, he is trailing with 26 percent and 27 percent in the state of New Hampshire and Nevada from Warren and Sanders respectively.

The former vice-president who was earlier facing the heat for accepting funds from fossil fuel company for his election campaign, is also experiencing a close with Warren in the 18 states that will conduct presidential primaries or caucuses in early 2020.

Joe Biden is standing at the second position with the support of 25 percent of voters and is trailing from Warren, who is leading the race with the support of 26 percent of voters.

While the ABC News/Washington Post poll was conducted from September 2 to September 5 amongst 1,003 adults, the CBS News and YouGov survey was a more extensive one and was conducted from August 28 to September 4 amongst 16,525 registered voters across 18 states of the country.

With impending 2020 elections and upcoming third democratic debate, one thing that is evident is that the road to the elections is paved with stiff competition for Joe Biden and it might be possible that Massachusetts Sen. is the one who faces Trump in 2020 elections, seeing her increasing popularity.


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