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Joe Biden might face challenges to win, despite 17 point lead

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Within a month into the presidential run, erstwhile Vice President Joe Biden has joined the toppers-league, outpacing criticism coming his way.

According to the RealClearPolitics, Biden is leading with an average of 17-point in the United Sates polls. Originally, the figure has fallen against to what was recorded after his entry on April 25, however, it has remained stable since.

He has been leading in the initial stages of Iowa, Nevada and New Hampshire, along with subjugating competitors in South Carolina. Having said that, the presidential run is in its early stages, and there is ample of time for Biden to even lose out on support.

There is a mixed response to Biden’s first month in the race, as some people closely monitoring the trend are surprised, while others have shown respect.

The people believe that Biden’s solidity is a reflection of positive outlook that Democrats have towards him and former President Barack Obama. His campaign so far implies that he could be the Democrat candidate to defeat Trump.

“I think this month has proven that it’s not just name recognition,” stated one longtime ally of Biden. “People just like Joe Biden, and Democrats right now really want to beat President Trump, and he is uniquely qualified for this moment.”

Before Biden even entered into the presidential run, scores of criticism was laid onto his path.

Strategists casted doubt whether he was a liberalistic to win a Democratic primary in the case of party’s leftward drift. They put spotlight on his past approval for the Iraq War, a crime bill infamous for mass incarceration and supporting banking law that aided financial interests in his home state.

Democrats believe Biden’s might have the upper hand, mainly due to the ongoing fuss within the Trump administration, and his tenure as Obama’s vice president.

Democratic strategist Jim Manley said, “With all due respect to the vice president, many people saw him at Obama’s side for eight years, and he’s got a reservoir of support because of that.”

Nevertheless, the criticisms, if continued, could put Joe Biden’s presidential campaign at risk.


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