December 10, 2022

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Joe Biden in crisis: lost focus

On November 3, 2020, Joe Biden won a landslide victory over Donald Trump. But the president, who started with high expectations, is now largely disappointed. What happened now

Joe Biden’s spokesman is keen to use a word when presenting the government’s agenda to the capital’s press in Washington. When asked about the many problems in the country, Jen Zaki often talks about how Biden management works purely “laser-focused” on solutions. Translated, which means like this: One hundred percent concentrated.

Op Afghanistan– Withdrawal, fight against epidemics or economic growth – The word “laser-focused” is as often used as is better understood by the government. As if those three big promises that Biden’s voters had in their face had already been restored International spread And the recession a year ago. who Joe Biden According to the message at the time, the elect, unlike its chaotic predecessor, gain efficiency, consistency and reliability above all else.

Stimulated hope …

But what became of it a year later? On November 3, 2020, more than 150 million Americans began voting Presidential election To submit. More than ever in American history. About 83 million people voted for Joe Biden Donald Trump About 74 million. Despite the complex election laws, Biden became the 46th president of the United States because he had a clear majority in the electorate.

And the one who instilled the most confidence.

It is not just the division of society by supporters Democrats As well as the Republic Complained, he wanted to alleviate. With investments worth billions of dollars, Biden said it would lead the United States to a better future for all Americans after the epidemic.

“Rebuilding better” has been his quality mantra ever since. Better health care, financial relief for the middle class, new jobs, Climate protection And modernized infrastructure is only part of what Biden promised. There were also socio-political issues such as fighting Racism, Support for families and more security and Equal rights For minorities.

… gave disappointments

But, a year after the election, the initial joy has largely disappeared. Joe Biden’s polls are worse than previous US presidents a year after the election. A bad exception: Donald Trump only had bad numbers. Initially 55 percent of Americans thought Joe Biden was doing his job better, now it is only 42 percent.

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The US president is losing massive recognition even among his own supporters. The most recent democratic election disaster in the state of Virginia The losses in New Jersey bear witness to that.

Even Rome and GlasgowWhere Joe Biden last went to the G20 summit and the global climate conference, his bad numbers haunt him. When reporters harassed the US president with questions, he was very relaxed: “I did not run to determine how well I would perform in the referendum.” Values ​​always went up and down. “I came to confirm what I said I would do as president,” Biden said.

His problem: he can’t pull much. Because not only Republicans, but also representatives of his own party are blocking each other in the United StatesCongress. Although the Progressive Democrats in the House of Representatives are calling for more investment, both moderate senators are adamant. Joe Mancin And Kyrsten Sinema opens the presidential agenda because even the lean-low bills are still too detailed for them.

Joe Munch surrounded by journalists: US Senator Joe Biden’s reform plans thwarted. (Source: Rod Lamki / Imeko Images)

Paradoxically, young voters and backward groups who took to the streets for Joe Biden and the regime change a year ago are now returning with disappointment. If Energy change Or subsidies for e-cars, higher corporate taxes or higher taxes for higher incomes, albeit less Tuition fees, Low drug prices or money Maternity care – Many are missing from Biden’s “Building Back Better” social investment package.

Of the $ 3.5 trillion originally planned, only $ 1.75 trillion remains. If Senators Joe Munchin and Kirsten Cinema really agree, they are still opening it up.

Chaotic external impact

When Joe Biden’s polls cast doubt on his strength and foreign policy capability, as the tumultuous Afghanistan defection in mid-August began, his opinion began to decline significantly. When European allies and the associated submarine deal with the new Pacific defense alliance Aukus were abandoned, it confirmed its appearance. Biden himself publicly admitted to French President Emmanuel Macron that it was a little “strange”, that is, very strange.

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In addition, there is an epidemic, which has not yet been dealt with, which leads to many serious, above all economic and social problems – and has not yet been captured by the US president, almost with despair.

In order to finally achieve a sufficiently high vaccination rate, he guided to prevent an overburden on the health system. In the free earth, everywhere, there are visionary vaccine requirements. More than 100 million workers have been affected, which has long led to protests not only in New York but across the country. It is true that minorities, but their anger at this government is still making headlines. Trapped: Python has no control over epidemic management. He was the one who actually carried out the vaccine campaign.

Price hikes as survey killers

However, the biggest problem with the Biden management is the current recordSwelling. Because almost all Americans feel it, especially due to the massive rise in oil and gasoline prices. At 5.4 percent in September, the annual rate of inflation was the highest in 13 years. There should be a significant decline in inflation until the end of next year.

One year after the US presidential election, the number of issues is so high that it is difficult for Democrats to really say what Joe Biden is aiming for in the “laser focus” that his spokesman always insists on. On the other hand, it is easy for the government to accuse Republicans and Donald Trump of causing chaos. So Biden is the opposite of what he once promised. Democrats threaten to lose control of their story for a better future and a greater focus on solving problems.

Donald Trump at a rally in Des Moines, Iowa: Former President Joe Biden happily exploits his weakness.  (Source: imago images / Brian Cahn)Donald Trump at a rally in Des Moines, Iowa: Former President Joe Biden happily exploits his weakness. (Source: Brian Khan / Imeko Images)

Biden’s predecessor, who has not recognized the Democrats’ election victory to date, has painted a dark picture of the United States in many respects. Trump said in one of his appearances: “Violent criminals and bloodthirsty gangs are taking over our streets, illegal immigrants and deadly drug dealers are occupying our borders, and inflation is occupying our economy. China They take our jobs, the Taliban take over Afghanistan, the crazy leftists take over our schools, the radical socialists take over our country. But we will not let that happen! ”

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And Democrats in the gubernatorial election Virginia Their first election was to see catastrophe, and the worst fears now seem to be at work. While Biden may not be an option there, it is a mood test. Perhaps this failure will motivate Congressmen to end their mutual siege and finally deliver. But there is a risk that they will continue to fight over who is responsible for the failure.

There is still hope

Above all: Joe Biden also has good reasons to act calmly for his bad comments so far. His steadfast determination may eventually help him. Because no matter how much a Democratic or Republican government gives in its first two years. The presidential party has always lost in by-elections. Still, many incumbents were eventually re-elected. Barack Obama, George Bush And Bill Clinton Everyone can take a second term.

The mutual siege of the Democrats in Congress over Biden’s investment plan may seem absurd to outsiders. But in the end, despite receiving far less money than the president intended, the United States still faces record investments. And as usual in the 2024 presidential election, the economy will once again be a decisive issue.

If people realize that they are performing better than 2020, the chances of most of them choosing a sequel are not bad. If Biden is late in keeping his promises of efficiency, stability and credibility, however – in the first year after this very clearly won election, it may soon be forgotten.