January 29, 2023

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Joe Biden: “Stupid punch” – President insults journalists

Abroad Press conference

“Stupid bastard” – Biden caught up in insulting a journalist

US President Biden has insulted journalists

US President Joe Biden insults a journalist at a news conference. Fox News reporter asked Biden a question about high inflation. Apparently, the president did not realize that his microphone was already on.

The press conference was almost over, but the microphone was still on: Joe Biden blushed when asked by a Fox News reporter about high inflation in the United States. The humiliation can be clearly heard in the recordings.

U.S.S leader Joe Biden was caught insulting a journalist because his microphone was still on. “What a stupid punch,” Biden was quoted as saying by Fox News correspondent Peter Ducey at the White House on Monday. The White House then included this comment in the official minutes of the press conference.

At the end of a press conference, Doosey asked Pita if high inflation in the United States would hurt her Democrats in the November midterm elections. “What a big plus, more inflation,” Biden said teasingly in a low voice, still standing at his desk. “What a stupid stab.”

Biden used the phrase “stupid son”. “Son of a bitch” is considered a less serious insult in the United States than the German translation of “Hurrenson”. Biden’s comments were clearly heard in the recordings.

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Doosey, who works as a White House correspondent for his station, was relaxed about the president’s statement. Laughing at Fox News, he said, “No one has checked him out yet, it’s not true.

Doosey later said that Biden called him. The US President said: “This is nothing personal, buddy.”

Biden and the press

Python and Doozy have clashed in the past. The US president recently commented on a journalist’s hand message at a news conference: “You always ask me good questions. I do not understand any of them.”

The Conservative news channel is known for its highly critical report on Python, and Ducey repeatedly draws attention to the president with persistent and provocative questions. Fox News has long been a favorite destination for Biden’s predecessor Donald Trump.

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Biden, on the other hand, is known for his desire to express himself in speech, and repeatedly makes verbal interruptions. However, at the beginning of his tenure, he drummed up his staff to treat journalists with respect. He wanted to distinguish himself from Trump, who has repeatedly attacked journalists openly.

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