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Joe Biden Successfully Shifts Attention from Abortion Laws to his Campaign

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Former Vice President Joe Biden and the President continue to widen the rift between them as they get involved in a heated exchange of words.

During their visits to Iowa on Tuesday, both the leaders continued demeaning each other that started since Biden announced his campaign for the 2020 presidential elections.

Following the turnout at the rally and seeing the significance of the state of Iowa that will be operating the first presidential nominating votes for the 2020 elections, the day at Iowa can be considered as a well spent day for both Trump and Biden.

While Joe Biden was able to establish the presidential race between himself and Trump, the exchange also helped the President to focus his attention and attack on a single Democratic candidate, leaving all others behind.

With the heated exchange between both the leaders, Biden has left his “Mr. Nice Guy” approach behind and instead been labeled as anti-Trump. The sole reason for Biden bearing the new tag is his criticism of the President about 44 times during his Davenport speech.

The ridicule between both the leaders proves that they are seeking the political advantage out of one another as they go against each other directly.

With the constant criticism, Biden is trying hard to present himself as the only suitable candidate for the US President and also the only Democrat that can stand against Trump, in the states like Iowa.

Joe Biden during his visit to Iowa held rallies at three different cities – Ottumwa, Mount Pleasant and Davenport. On the other hand, Trump visited a renewable energy establishment and attended a Republican fundraiser in central Iowa.

The exchange proved to be the most ferocious as Trump called Biden “a loser”, “a sleepy guy” and “the weakest mentally”, along with asserting that “people don’t respect him”.

Biden retaliated by calling Trump “an existential threat” to the country.  He also mocked Trump’s partnership with the Kim Jong-un and said, “He embraces dictators like Kim Jong-un, who’s a damn murderer and a thug?”

“The one thing they agree on: Joe Biden, he shouldn’t be president,” he added.

Joe Biden also targeted Trump’s policies and successfully striked a chord with all those willing to see a progressive change. The verbal exchange between him and Trump also helped to shift the attention from his stance on the issue of federal funding on abortion.

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