Senator Joe Manchin is having a bit of a battle with a progressive backlash in West Virginia.

Manchin is having trouble with a progressive backlash in West Virginia

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There are a lot of angry Democrats since the Kavanaugh election and they are directing their anger towards Senator Joe Manchin. Manchin, the West Virginia senator, supported Brett Kavanaugh’s appointment as Supreme Justice and was the only Democrat to do that.  Nobody in his own party is impressed with him.

It is the final weeks of Senator Joe Manchin’s re-election campaign. Some national groups are cutting support for Manchin and the timing could not be worse. The battle for the Senate is a close one, and the Democrats are trying to beat the GOP challengers in red and purple states, including West Virginia. The results are important as they will determine who controls the chamber for the next two years in a row.

Manchin has been leading the race for the last few months, but public polling since Brett Kavanaugh was elected has been little. Even so, the anger is there and people are vocal about it.  Heidi Hess who is the co-director of Credo Action has said that Manchin stands a real chance of losing progressive voters.

‘He lost a valid opportunity to show the West Virginia voters that he stands for them.’

When the Kavanaugh debacle was going on, National Democratic groups went into battle to try and prevent his election.  The battle was ugly and sadly, Democratic groups didn’t stand a chance.  Kavanaugh was elected, despite the sexual allegations against him and despite this checkered history at the college.

Joe Manchin voted for Kavanaugh as Supreme Justice, leaving many people wondering why.  Kavanaughis not known to be progressive, in the least.

The backlash against Manchin was quick. A video game came out immediately after the vote, showing the Senator being drowned out by protestors as he feebly explained his decision to back Kavanaugh. The Planned Parenthood people are outraged and deeply disappointed by his decision and feel he failed West Virginian women.

It could be said he failed all women

Joe Manchin is one of the ten Senate Democrats who is running for re-election in a Trump state. Yet he gave Trump his vote by saying ‘yes’ to Kavanaugh.’ He is unlikely to be forgiven quickly.

Manchin said he would have voted ‘no’ had he found ‘anything’ to put Kavanaugh with Christine Ford. He couldn’t. Which is surprising, given Ford’s clear and extraordinary testimony.

Was the fact clear? Did Kavanaugh sexually abuse Doctor Ford while at college? The terrible thing now is that we will never know. But we will have a Supreme Justice holding court and making some huge decisions, for a lifetime to come. One that is a probably sexual abuser.

Republicans welcomed Manchin’s vote, of course, but said it was driven by political necessity. They say his vote will not be enough to win over any conservative voters. Will he get Republicans voting for him as a Democrat? Time will tell.

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