February 2, 2023

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John Wayne Casey († 52): Another victim of a murderous clown has been identified – News Abroad

He went down as a killer clown in American criminal history and became the book template for Stephen King’s famous horror novel “ES”. Serial killer John Wayne Casey (52) Turned out to be a pop event with at least 33 horrific murders. When he made his last march to execution in 1994, the Death District was besieged by about 1,000 spectators.

Chicago (Illinois) – Now U.S. investigators have identified another victim of the ruthless killer. Especially bitter: the family of the deceased thought he had been disconnected for 45 years!

Police found the remains of Francis Wayne Alexander crawling under Casey’s house ten years ago. With 25 more bodies. But only now with the help of DNA investigators were they able to identify him.

Police have shown these photos of the currently identified dead person at their press conferencePhoto: CA / AP

Sheriff Tom Dart told a news conference Monday that Alexander was 21 or 22 years old when Casey killed him between 1976 and early 1977.

Caroline Sanders, sister of the deceased: “Even after 45 years, it is difficult to know the fate of our beloved Wayne. He was killed by a terrible and evil man. ”

On behalf of the family, he said, “Our hearts are heavy and we extend our condolences to the families of the victims. We can now let go of what happened by honoring Wayne.

In this box, investigators found the remains of victims of the serial killer

In this box, investigators found the remains of victims of the serial killerPhoto: MG / AP

However, the details of Alexander’s life in Chicago are not well known. According to investigators, the truth is: he was born in North Carolina, moved to New York, where he married, and then moved to Chicago in 1975, where he soon divorced.

According to the sheriff’s office press release, the last known registration ticket in Alexander’s life was parking. He last received it in January 1976. Maybe it was a year when he made some money.

How he came in contact with one of the most famous serial killers in American history is a mystery. Officials say they only know that “Alexander Casey often lived in the area and where other identified victims have previously lived.”

It is known: Casey promised some other victims craft work and lured them into his home. However, Alexander worked in bars and clubs.

The identities of five more cellar corpses have not yet been clarified.

Investigators go through the victims' jaw bones and buckets of teeth

Investigators go through the victims’ jaw bones and buckets of teethPhoto: MG / AP

“Lick my ass!”

Casey was first killed in 1972 and sentenced to death in the spring of 1980. Achievement: 21 life sentences, 12 death sentences!

During the trial, the defendant showed no remorse and instead allowed himself a cynical “joke”: his only offense was “running the grave without a license.”

Casey in photos taken by police in 1978

Casey in photos taken by police in 1978Photo: Getty Images

In May 1994, the time finally came: Casey was hanged by lethal injection at the Stateville Correctional Center.

For the executioner’s meal, the executioner chose fried chicken and a pound of strawberries. Remember the past? In 1966, after dropping out of high school four times, he temporarily ran a Kentucky Fried Chicken Restaurant in Iowa.

Shortly before the execution, Casey was allowed to say goodbye to family members at the funeral and to receive condolences from the Catholic priest. But Casey’s last words: “Kiss my ass!”

Then execution: the needle can be effectively inflicted only on the second attempt. After 18 minutes of torture, the prisoner’s death was finally determined. When the news of the death was confirmed, a spontaneous commotion erupted in front of the gates of the Institute among the eagerly traveling audience.

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