February 1, 2023

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Johnson’s apology to Queen Elizabeth II: that’s what’s behind it

AM apologized Friday Boris Johnson A party again at his official residence – this time in Queens. Although the government spokesman did not say who apologized or in what form, the prime minister is believed to have personally intervened. Formerly known as James Slack, his former communications chief, on April 16 last year Held a farewell ceremony at his office – The evening before the funeral of Prince Phillips. Slack on Friday apologized “for the grief and pain it caused.”

The party, which is said to have taken place without Johnson, is said to have lasted until morning with music and dance. It appears that an employee was carrying liquor from a supermarket with a suitcase. The banquet – another celebration in another office – is now part of an investigation led by Officer Sue Gray.

At the time of the party, the country was in a state of national mourning and the locking rules were strict. The next morning the queen sat alone in the church Windsor Castle – Her children and grandchildren were sitting in a seat far away – She said goodbye to her husband. The image of lone mourners has been frequently recalled in recent weeks and highlighted as a counter-example to the behavior of Johnson and his staff.

Wine, cheese and “beautiful weather”

The party has been circulating alcohol-filled rallies in the government district for nearly twelve months. Politics is now being talked about in London as a “cultural problem”. The first encounter of this kind was documented by a photograph. It shows Johnson and his wife sitting with staff in the Downing Street garden. Wine and cheese are on the tables. Johnson said of the meeting on May 15, 2020, “They were at work, they were talking about work.”

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