December 10, 2022

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Johnson’s “murderous” strategy: Experts: “Independence Day” is a global threat

Johnson’s “murderous” strategy
Experts: “Independence Day” is a global threat

The English are going to their “Independence Day” – almost all corona rules no longer apply. The mitigation measures are viewed very critically by scientists because the number of epidemics on the island is increasing rapidly.

Almost all corona rules will come into effect in Great Britain next Monday. With the increasing number of epidemics and the spread of the delta variant, leading scientists and government advisers are seeing the British enter into a new epidemic that could affect the world. “Any mutation that affects vaccinated individuals has an excellent selective advantage and can be transmitted,” said Christina Begel, a professor at UCL London Research Group. Virtual Summit. “Given our position as a global travel hub, any variation that exists in the UK has the potential to spread to other parts of the world – we saw it in Alpha and I’m sure we’re contributed to the rise of Delta.”

No warning words came before the gate closed. 1200 scientists already had one Joint letter Sent to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, describing his plans as “dangerous and premature”.

Conservative newspapers in the UK named the July 19 relaxation – “Independence Day”. Prime Minister Johnson has announced that mask requirements and distance rules will no longer apply in Great Britain. He described the move as “irreversible”.

The numbers in Great Britain really speak against any easing. More than 50,000 new infections were reported on Friday alone. This is, among other things, the reason for the strong expansion of the delta variance. The 7-day incident was reported on July 11 at 345. The forthcoming start-up is always protected with a successful vaccination program – more than 87 percent of people are now vaccinated.

An important example shows that the virus does not stop those who are vaccinated: In all populations, British Health Minister Sajid Javed tested positive for the corona virus despite being vaccinated twice. Javed said he had “very mild” symptoms.

Johnson policy as a bad role model?

Michael Baker, a New Zealand health professor, was surprised at the British government’s announced relaxation at the summit, which has returned to a “herd immunity approach”. However, this strategy has already “hopelessly failed” around the world.

At the summit, many scientists feared that British politics would be copied. William Hazeltin, an American virologist, stressed that the world has always looked to Great Britain for greater and more important politics. However, that changed during the epidemics. He was concerned that some American states might now be led by these bad impulses and follow the British example.

Hazeltin also called this herd immunity strategy – allowing people to develop natural immunity by becoming susceptible to a disease – the “killer”. The virologist said the British government would take action that would cost tens of thousands of lives.

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