December 5, 2022

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Journalist Peter R. in Amsterdam. De Vries niedergeschossen

IJournalist Peter R. on Tuesday evening in Amsterdam. De Vries was shot and killed. This was announced by the Dutch police. He was taken to hospital with serious injuries. There is a television studio very close to where the crime took place, where De Vries previously appeared on a live broadcast. At around 7.30pm, a stranger shot him in the street, apparently at close range. Alzheimer’s Doc Plot reported five scenes, citing a witness. According to police, three suspects were arrested, including the alleged culprit. Amsterdam Mayor Femke Halsema said the journalist was seriously injured. “Peter R. de Vries is fighting for his life.”

De Vries, 64, is the most famous criminal journalist in the Netherlands. He reported on many spectacular events and had his own TV show until 2012. Most recently, Nabil B, a key witness in the so-called De Vries Marengo process, also served as a media adviser on their security team.

Sixteen defendants have been on trial since March, including Ridowan Taki, who was considered one of the country’s most powerful drug traffickers until his arrest in Dubai in 2019. There are six murders on Thaki – many more cases are under investigation. In 2018 the brother of a key witness was murdered. Then in 2019 his lawyer was Dirk Weirs. The two security attorneys, who now represent key witnesses in the Marengo trial, are in police custody around the clock because there are signs that their lives may be in danger. De Vries was at least temporarily protected, but not recently, according to a media report.

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Police initially said nothing about the possible background to Tuesday evening’s attack. Alzheimer’s Docblot quoted a spokesman as saying that someone was initially busy with Manhunt, forensics and emergency assistance. “Objectives and background will only come into effect later.” Dutch Prime Minister and Minister of Justice Fert Groperhaus met with the National Coordinator for Terrorism and Security that evening and wanted to talk about crime.