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Judge Michael Barrett Rules Out Abortion Ban as ‘Unconstitutional’

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While the stringent abortion laws continue to wreak havoc in the states and violate Women’s right over their bodies, Judge Michael Barrett of a federal court has temporarily blocked the Ohio’s “heartbeat law”.

The ruling is considered to be an embarrassment for the Republican Ohio governor, Mike DeWine. It also lights the hope that women can look upto the courts for justice to have the rights over their body re-instated, which should never have been violated in the first place.

US District Judge Barrett furnished an advance ruling to block the “Heartbeat Protection Act” from becoming the law all over the state and worsening the living conditions for women. In his verdict, the federal judge claimed that the law inflict “undue burden” on women to have a pre-viability abortion.

Michael Barrett was appointed as the federal judge by former Republican president George W. Bush in 2006. Barret said that Planned Parenthood and abortion clinics represented by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) that sued to stop the law “are certain to succeed on the merits of their claim that (the bill) is unconstitutional on its face”.

His decision has been a source of embarrassment for Mike DeWine as his predecessor Republican John Kasich had annulled the bill twice. Irrespective of the decision of his predecessor, he signed the bill to convert it into a law in April, which was supposed to be enforced from July 11, only to get it blocked.

Ohio has not been the only state this year to employ such violating laws. Prior to Ohio, states like Alabama and Louisiana also adopted abortion ban policies, robbing women of their choices over their bodies.

While the verdict by Michael Barrett has not been appreciated by many, the legal director of ACLU for the state of Ohio seemed to be satisfied with the verdict. She said, “Today, the court has upheld the clear law: women in Ohio … have the constitutional right to make this deeply personal decision about their own bodies without interference from the state.”

Even though, the efforts of the politicians to overturn the ruling of Roe v. Wade might be a way to gain the support of the conservative base for the upcoming elections, there is nothing they say that will appease the citizens. Not only has the abortion ban stripped women of the right over their bodies, it also indicates towards a worsening democracy.

However, the verdict of federal judge Michael Barrett has proved that the law is unconstitutional and is against the very idea on which American society and culture are based.

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