December 1, 2022

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Judge rejects request to ban sexually explicit images in Netflix documentary on 'Orgasmic Meditation'

Judge rejects request to ban sexually explicit images in Netflix documentary on ‘Orgasmic Meditation’

A Los Angeles judge on Friday denied a request from more than a dozen people who wanted to block or alter parts of a Netflix documentary about a wellness company known as “orgasmic meditation” over allegations that it may have included “peeped” sexually explicit material.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge James Chalvant said the group of 15 people – described in a lawsuit filed late last month where former OneTaste members were members of – provided no evidence that the film contained explicit material showing them.

Chalvant said, according to a court order, that they did not show that “Orgasm Inc.” It can harm them irreparably.

It paves the way for the film’s release on Saturday.

The plaintiffs’ attorney declined to comment. A Netflix spokesperson did not immediately respond to a request for comment, nor did the film’s director, Sarah Gibson.

Gibson said in an announcement on Friday that the film was investigating “disturbing allegations” about the company. Much of the archival videos in the film are not sexual, but come from OneTaste social events, lectures, and promotional materials.

Gibson said the film does not feature any private orgasm meditation sessions, or OM, nor does it depict the plaintiffs – who are only identified as “Doe” in the complaint – participating in the practice.

It also said in the statement that it does not contain pictures of the plaintiffs’ genitals or depict them engaging in any sexual act.

The complaint had asked for a temporary restraining order against Netflix that would have stopped the distribution of the plaintiffs’ private and sexually explicit material — or required the company to black out those images.

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The complaint also alleged breaches of privacy and interference in private affairs. The status of those allegations was not immediately clear.

The lawsuit was filed after a group of more than 400 people currently or formerly affiliated with OneTaste Submit a petition to Netflix in September Claiming “privacy and protection”.

“We were horrified recently to learn that Netflix producers have illegally purchased footage of us, photos of us, and/or audio clips of us with the intent of using them in a movie for profit,” the petition said, adding: “These sessions were intimate for me. US portions of the material have depicted some of us in various stages of undressing, as part of OM practice or elsewhere. In some cases, this includes extreme close-ups of our genitals.”

The complaint alleged that a former OneTaste videographer “pilfered” the recordings intended for educational purposes and internal instructions.

The former videographer, Chris Cosley, was also named in the lawsuit. In a text message on Friday, he declined to comment on the claim, citing a separate legal case involving OneTaste.

“However, I am confident that in presenting my arguments, the truth will prevail in this case and OneTaste’s actions will come for what they are: an attempt to silence my own voice and silence the voices of others with a story to share with the audience,” Cosley said.

In a statement provided by a OneTaste spokesperson on Friday, a woman who signed the petition said she was shocked that such a “blatant breach or privacy breach was open and closed. And that the company’s media giant could close what she thought was an open and shut case.”

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“Netflix has no right to infringe on our bodies or privacy for the sake of its profits,” she said. “We never agreed to be in this movie.”

OneTaste was founded in 2005 to promote what the company describes as a “life based on desire”.

Podcast Series 2020 Played BBC He described the company as an “orgasmic cult.” Long report in Bloomberg Businessweek describe it OneTaste “as a kind of prostitution ring – one that exploits trauma victims and others seeking healing.”

The company retracted the descriptions, BBC sued for defamation in current condition and Description of Bloomberg Photography as “unrecognizable”.

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